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Editing a Haunt Listing


If you got here, presumably you were trying to update a haunt listing, and hopefully you are authorized to do that (if you weren't, then the following information is going to boor you silly; you might as well hit your browser's Back button now and save your eyes).

HauntedHouses.com does things differently from most Halloween haunt listings services. To maintain the highest quality of our database, we do all the editing of our haunts database. We do this for several reasons - basically, it is more friendly for the users than others which have data editing by many individuals. The addresses are consistent, and we base a lot of our information on actual haunt locations (in terms of latitude and longitude), and therefore geographical consistency is important to us. That is difficult data to require of our listers.

We manage our data from two sources: from email from our users and from websites. At least twice a year (in August and again in late September) we scan all the websites in our database, and update the information contained within them from the site. One of the main things we try to do is make sure that your haunt is advertized on your website to be open in the current year. This gives us a way to delete obsolete haunts from our listings which have not updated their sites since the previous year.

So, your best bet for having our listing of your haunt up-to-date is to maintain an up-to-date website describing it. You should try to have the page updated by the first of August if possible, and no later than the first of September at the outside. We would recommend that you place the year that you are currently targeting on your site right on the front page; that makes it easy to find for us and for your customers; you'd be surprised how many websites forget to say what year they are addressing, and how many websites that represent defunct haunts still reside on the net. If we cannot locate the year your site is targeted to, or if that year is not the current one, we will not display your listing after September 1 - if you update your site with any of the information listed below after that date, make sure to send us an email telling us to update your listing.

The information that we track for each attraction is:

  • Haunt title (required)
  • Producer
  • Physical mailing address of the haunt (required). It is best if entering this address into maps.google.com yields a map with your haunt suitably pin-pointed.
  • An additional piece of location information, such as the name of the building or park the haunt occupies. Telephone number for information, and an alternate phone number. Include area codes (always) and extension if required.
  • FAX number.
  • Website URL. This is not required, but you are responsible for updating us annually by email if there is no such website. A listing in another haunt listing service is NOT sufficient for this. If your haint is a page on an organizational website (such as a Jaycee's club, for example, give the URL to the haunt page specifically, unless there is a prominent, permanent link on the page to the haunt page that you do give us).
  • Facebook URL.
  • Myspace URL.
  • Twitter URL.
  • Youtube URL (for a haunt group, not just a single video).
  • Email address or the URL of a contact form page on your website.
  • A prominant declaration that this is information for 2009, or whatever year is being targeted. This would usually be on your "schedule" or "dates/times" page, but should also be on the front page.

Inasmuch as we try to keep your representation on our website as current of your information as possible, we would like to ask that you, likewise, include a banner for our website as well on your haunt site. You can find a standard banner at http://www.hauntedhouses.com/haunts/hhbutton.jpg. Download it to your website and include the following example code, or equivalent, in the body of your page's code:

<a href="http://www.HauntedHouses.com/haunts"><img src="hhbutton.jpg" alt="HauntedHouses.com"></a>

Thank you for your time, and may we both prosper in the coming haunting season. Please use your browser's Back button to return to your listing.

This page last updated on Sun Sep 13 2009
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