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Joe Couto

Joe had many experiences as a child that sparked his curiosity into the paranormal. He spent most of his life visiting and living in many different countries because he had a parent in the military. As a result he has had the chance to encounter many cultures and beliefs. Along the way Joe has continued to educate himself about the theories and haunted claims of those who have had encounters with the paranormal. He has devoted all of his time seeking answers and helping others on the same quest.

Joe has been featured online at The Travel Channel and The Chicago Sun-Times. He has been interviewed on a variety of radio shows, including The Buzz on Z Talk Radio and Strange But True Radio in the UK with Phil Keeler - where he has been a repeat guest. Joe is currently the host of The Skeptical Ghost Hunter and cohost of The Paranormal Round Table on the Z Talk Radio Network. Joe has also assisted in the making of a paranormal-themed documentary and a TV pilot which is currently in production.

As if all of this weren't enough, Joe is also the founder of the Northern Alliance of Paranormal Investigators, headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. Since 2007 the Northern Alliance has worked cases throughout Wisconsin and adjacent states. He has many years' experience in private investigation and law enforcement, which affords him a unique perspective on paranormal investigations. As an open-minded skeptic he embraces all the possibilities that the paranormal truly “does exist”. Because he uses all of the resources available to him in the field, Joe is able to stay current and innovative within the paranormal community. He has assisted other teams on their investigations as a technical advisor. As he continues to travel the country and collaborate with other teams gathering paranormal data, Joe remains committed to sharing his findings in public forums for the foreseeable future.


Joe and Northern Alliance have conducted investigations of the following places: Bobby Mackey's Music World (a nightclub and honky tonk) in Kentucky, The Brumder Mansion Bed & Breakfast in Wisconsin, the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan, Illinois, the town and battlefield of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Portage Cemetery in Wisconsin, the Rawley Lighthouse in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, the Sloss Furnace National Historic Landmark, the U.S.S. Salem Naval Shipbuilding museum, and the Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana.

David Olson

David Olson graduated from Wilbur Wright College with an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice. A Police Officer in Chicagoland since 1991, he's worked for the City Colleges as a Lead Security Officer since 1994. As a police officer, Dave served with Street Patrol and Tactical & Gang units, and is currently attached to a citywide unit as Tech Specialist for the city surveillance cameras. For many years he was fascinated with the paranormal; eventually he formed a team of investigators to assist and protect people who were suffering through periods of unexplained paranormal phenomena – and to document the existence of paranormal activity using the latest technology in this exciting and expanding field.

Over the years, Dave and CPI have investigated such places as the Wheeling Private Residence, the Senator John Humphrey House, Bachelor's Grove, Ethyl's Party Bar, the Brumder Mansion, Big Timers Sound Shop (Casa Madrid), Congress Theatre, St. Michael's Lutheran Cemetery, The Great Escape Restaurant, and the Read Dunning Memorial Park.

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