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The Fear Experience Haunted House in Cleveland Ohio

The Fear Experience Haunted House in Cleveland Ohio

Back again this year, The Fear Experience in Cleveland, Ohio is prepared to make all visitors faces their worst nightmares with its all new attractions. The new location, at 10701 Brook Park Road, Cleveland, Ohio, is a building with over 90,000 square feet that has been professionally constructed into the area's scariest attraction. The Fear Experience is one of Cleveland's best haunted houses and will be open for business in their new location starting September 21 and will continue to stay open every Friday and Saturday night during October from 7pm to midnight! 

For general admission into three of the scariest haunted houses to be found in Cleveland, Ohio, guests will pay the price of just $15! Each of those three haunted houses are reconstructed every year by professionals, no set is ever the same. Each year, new attractions are also added. The Fear Experience is one of the most unique haunted house experiences out there! This year, there are multiple new attractions being added, including a pitch black maze where guests will have to find their way out, avoiding the nightmares within!

The Fear Experience haunted house began as a charity attraction, donating thousands to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Since its entry into the haunt world, The Fear Experience has made a name for itself as one of Ohio's scariest commercial haunted houses - known and feared by all in the industry! This haunted house is full of thrills that bring chills down your spine. This haunted house is one of the few in the country where the monsters will touch you, so not only will guests see and fear their nightmares, now they can feel them too! 

One of the unique attractions that The Fear Experience has to offer is the opportunity to be buried alive! Guests will use each of their senses in this thrilling, six feet under attraction! Entry to this attraction is purchased separate from the haunted houses.

Full of unique attractions, The Fear Experience gives its guests the opportunity to experience the horror of being buried alive! Each sense will be used in this thrilling ride six feet under. Guests will feel the bumps, smell the rot, and fear the rest! Entry to this attraction is purchased separate from the haunted houses. 

The apocalypse has happened in Cleveland, Ohio, - in a 7,000 square foot abandoned department store straight out of zombieland! One of the newest additions to the long list of attractions at The Fear Experience is the Zombie Paintball course! Guests will have the opportunity to defend themselves against the nightmares within. Think you can make it through without being bit and turned into one of them? Try it out! Entry to this attraction is purchased separate from the haunted houses. 

Also, these great Cleveland haunted houses will be selling concessions to all guests and there will even be an arcade! There is fun for all ages!

The Fear Experience is also currently hiring actors! If you are interested, please visit or call 216-245-3327 for more information.

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