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Tinker Place –



This house is located in Greensboro, Alabama. It is a private residence, with no tours.


This old southern-style home was built in 1835, for a beautiful southern lady, Susian Truman Tinker, who did a lot to enhance the cultural development in Greensboro. While little is known of her life and of the many events which were held in her house, it seems that Susian was so attached to her house that she never left, and has been the friendly guardian of the home.


The apparition of Susian prefers to wear gray clothes, is occasionally helpful, likes to warm her hands by the fire, likes to look at the crystal and china on display in the cabinet. While she generally will disappear when anyone living looks directly at her or tries to talk to her, she has a happy disposition and will smile pleasantly at people like a well-mannered, cordial, southern lady.


    1. Mrs. Turpin was the first owner of "The Tinker Place" to see Susian, who was standing in a doorway, dressed in gray, and smiling pleasantly at Mrs. Turpin. It wasn't a frightening experience and Mrs. Turpin shared it with her family.

    2. In 1934, Mrs. Turpin's daughter, Mrs. Waller, was entertaining her family and grandchildren at the dining room table. The grandchildren, not the adults, saw a gray lady standing a few feet from the table and curiously asked who she was. She went through the doorway across the living room and glided up the staircase and disappeared.

    3. A sick, bedridden woman who was a friend of the Wallers, recovering in one of the upstairs bedrooms, called to Mrs. Waller, requesting her to come upstairs to turn on her overhead light. Mrs. Waller didn't have to come up after all, because the unseen hands of Susian Tinker obligingly turned on the overhead chandelier, much to the surprise of this recuperating guest.

    4. While on her way to the kitchen to make coffee one morning, Mrs. Waller was startled to see Susian Tinker, dressed in gray, standing in the doorway that Mrs. Waller was going to pass through. After giving a good morning smile, this gray lady turned around and made her way through the room and disappeared up the stairs.


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