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Old Allen House –


705 North Main Street
Monticello, Arkansas 71655

Monticello is in Drew county, fifty miles south of Pine bluff on U.S. Highway 425.


Old Allen House is a huge, 4+ floor, gothic Victorian house built at the turn-of-the-century (1900) by a wealthy farmer, Joe Lee Allen, where he lived with his family until the 1950s. In the 1950s, this huge house was converted into apartments, which became housing for college students, attending the University of Arkansas. In 2002, the house once again beame a private residence, however it was purchased in 2007 by Mark and Rebecca Spencer, who currently offer tours by appointment.


In 1940, one of Allen's daughters, LaDell killed herself by drinking cyanide. This didn't bring her the peace she was looking for, because she still haunts the upper floors today and occasionally the downstairs. No one knows why she is haunting the house.


Throughout the years, many tenants have reported incidents as they find that they are living with a ghost.

A) One couple trapped her apparition in a closet and struggled to close the door, as the apparition giggled at their efforts.

B) A doctor who was living in one of the apartment units took a picture of this dead girl's apparition as it reflected in a mirror.

C) Author Carol Wilson, who lived in an apartment unit here, based her book, Scent of Lilac on the incidents with LaDell that she personally experienced or observed.

D) Footsteps/noises/moans coming from the upper floor apartments have resulted in the police coming in to look for prowlers, which of course they never find, which must have been a chuckle for the resident ghost, LaDell.

Still Haunted?

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