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Carleton House


This officer residence home is found on Fort Huachuca Army Base, which was home to The Army Intelligence Center and School, and the Army's Information Systems Command, as of 1994. All C130 training for NATO forces took place there.


The Carleton House is the oldest building on the base, as it has been there since 1880. It was named in honor of Brig,. General James H. Carleton , who led "The ARIZONA Column" during The Civil War. It's a large house and has a huge, "cavernous knotty pine" paneled living room. Its front door is actually located in the side of the house. The walls are made of adobe, and it has a nice porch. The house's water heater was kept in a small room under the house, a sort of cellar, and was reached by going through a door near the front steps.

For a few years, after it was built, Carleton House was the Army post hospital. It then served as housing for officers, an officers' mess. Post headquarters, a cafe, and a school house. For a brief time period, between 1947 - 1951, it was used by Arizona Governors, Osborn and Garvey, as a vacation retreat spot. It then once again became a resident house to various individual officers and their families.

As of 2004, Fort Huachuca Army Base is an active and viable military facility, making it one of the oldest bases in the United States. Carleton House is still there, and used as housing.


The house is haunted by a young woman who is in the 18 - 22 age range, and has been named Charlotte by one of the families who lived there. It is thought that she died giving birth to a child there, when the building was a post hospital. She is thought to be upset because her child's remains weren't properly buried in a marked grave, so she searches the house for her child.

1) Mischievous incidents were often attributed to Charlotte

* While moving in the S family put some boxes in a bed room a few steps below the level of the rest of the house. (This room had been the location of the morgue, during the hospital era of the house.) Later that evening, the contents of those boxes had been thrown all over the room.

* The doorbell would ring, and no one would be there. There was no time for a living person to run away before the door was answered, as the annoyed living human inside was determined to catch the rascal responsible. The door bells were finally disconnected.

* A daughter's jewelry box mysteriously flew off the fireplace in her room, and landed in the middle of the room's rug.

* After a struggle, one family was able to securely hang pictures in the knotty pine paneled living room, which was the hospital's ward for patients. The next morning, they found all their pictures on the floor. A solid brass, Asian trivet that was also hung on the wall, was bent nearly in half, and was impossible to bend back into position by hand. It seems someone didn't approve of their taste in decorations, and perhaps resented the invasion of her space.

* In the living room, the four chandeliers experienced unexplainable electrical problems.

* The one chandelier that is located over a part of the living room that is always colder than the rest of the house, never would work in the evening hours. Mrs. S made this colder part of the living room, Charlotte's corner. Another resident family, later put a rocking chair and a doll in it to perhaps comfort the ghost, and let her know she has her own space there to rest, if searching for her child gets to be too frustrating. Perhaps this is the area in the then hospital ward that she died giving birth.

2) Charlotte has made appearances to various members of several families, and the neighbors as well.

* One boy, who had fallen asleep in the TV room, awoke and had to go through the paneled living room, past Charlotte's corner in order to get to his bedroom, the one mentioned above as being the old hospital morgue. As he past Charlotte's corner, he saw a long dress standing by itself, with no one seen inside it. It was an 1880s dress, often worn by young women in Arizona at this time. The light colored dress was a gown with ruffled edges around the sleeves and hem line.

* A young woman, mistaken for Mrs. S's daughter, was seen walking down the hallway near the kitchen. It wasn't the daughter, as thought by her mother, as the daughter was sleeping in bed at the time of this sighting.

* While Mrs. S was carrying her clean towels to the linen closet, a white mist swirled all around her, engulfing her. It wasn't cold, damp, threatening or frightening, just eerie.

* A neighbor boy had run to the house to deliver a message when no one was home. He saw a blond -haired young woman in a dressing gown walking down the hallway, who ignored his door knocks.

* Mrs. K's daughter had agreed to check in with her mother after she came in from a date that night. When the daughter got home that evening, she went into the paneled living room and saw a woman standing at the end of the hall. She said goodnight to who she thought was her mom. The next morning, her mom asked her why she didn't check in with her as agreed to, and then learned that her daughter had said goodnight to the apparition instead.

3) Mr. and Mrs. T have heard voices.

* In the wee hours of the morning, Mr. T was in the kitchen, studying for an exam, and the door was shut to the dining room. He heard a young voice call to him from just the other side of this door, saying "Daddy, Daddy!" No one was there, and his son was fast asleep.

* Mrs. T was standing out on the porch in the early morning, around 5 AM. She heard a mechanical sounding voice coming from the house saying, "Sleep, sleep!"

4) The Little Cellar Room - For sensitive people, this room gives the living a sense of dread and uneasiness upon entering it. Mr. T came in to investigate the non-working water heater, but had to leave quickly as he was suddenly awash with dread. Psychics believe that somewhere in this room, Charlotte's baby was buried in an unmarked spot.


A big yes is in order.

A PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION REPORT; Case No. 334-56, was made by Brian Roesch on April 19, 2000. Armed with a 35mm camera loaded with 800 speed film, Brian captured a spirit orb on film.