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Coyote Joe's Bar

Haunted Place - Coyote Joe's Bar and Grill


214 South Montezuma Street
Prescott, Arizona


Montezuma Street is one of the main roads which runs through historic downtown Prescott, on the west side of the main court house.


In the late 1800s, this building was built and housed the historic Arizona Hotel, which had the infamous reputation as also being the home of one of Arizona's first brothels. Underneath these buildings on Montezuma, there were tunnels which were used for opium dens and also provided laundry delivery routes used by the Asian immigrants who lived in Prescott.

The brick/wood building has two floors and a basement. Coyote Joe's Bar and Grill moved into this building in 1997 and set up a very successful restaurant/bar/live musical entertainment establishment. The basement is now the home of Coyote Joe's Bar and Grill business office. The main floor houses the kitchen, a restaurant area which is separated from the bar area by a brick wall, a billiard room and a nice patio for outdoor dining and events. The upstairs houses a banquet room and a large apartment.

However, evidence of the former establishment is clear. The kitchen, which was once the main room for the brothel, has many doors which lead to it. The second floor also has obvious outlines of the many small rooms used by the ladies of the night to "entertain customers". There is also evidence of an attempted fire set by an unsatisfied client (Always one in every crowd.)


Almost immediately, the owners, employees and customers knew that they were not alone and shared the place with some spunky, mischievous and kind entities who weren't ready to retire. These spirits are thought to be the women who used to work here and/or the people who hung out/used the tunnels under the building.

A) Soon after the owners move in, a well-endowed, clear apparition of a woman, dressed provocatively appeared by the hostess desk, floated through the restaurant area, continuing right through the brick wall into the bar.

B) Upstairs, the owner would walk into the banquet area, and it would be filled with a white, smoky substance, which would disappear immediately.

C) The living have heard voices, footsteps and have seen doors opening and closing by themselves.

D) A favorite spot to congregate seems to be the kitchen, much to the annoyance of the cooks. Various kitchen utensils fly off the shelves by themselves, and the oven has been turned off before the food was cooked.

E) A kindhearted entity, with a soft spot for children, has been known to give chocolate candy via a vending machine to children when they simply ask for it.


Most definitely!

Come and try the delicious food entrees, the great beer and adult beverages, play a little pool, enjoy the musical entertainment and you might experience what many people have already witnessed; unmistakable manifestations of a very haunted building.