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Tucson University

Haunted Place - Tucson University


1423 E University Blvd
Tucson, Arizona


This Modern Language Arts Building is located on the University of Arizona's campus, in Tucson, Arizona. It has a language lab, classrooms, etc.


The Modern Language Arts Building was built in 1965 on land where a violent murder of a co-ed happened decades ago. A young female student was brutally killed, and her body was thrown down an old well that sat near where the women's athletic field had been at the time. During the 1965 construction of the building, her skeletal remains were found by the workers, but they didn't report their grizzly find because it was feared that a police investigation would cause a delay in the building's construction schedule.


The south wing entrance of the building covers the old well. It is through this entrance that this female ghost enters the building between 8 p.m. and midnight, to look for her own skeleton , so she can rest in peace.

1) Her appearances are frequent, and many describe her as being a restless, confused, young woman, who wears her black hair pulled straight back, with the part in the middle. She wears a shawl that is pulled tightly around her shoulders, and a long, old fashioned skirt from another time period. She is very delicate apparition with a fixated stare, looking intensely for her own remains.When other students try to talk to her and try to help, she quickly covers her face with her shawl and hurries away.

2) Sometimes, she comes into a classroom to look around, becomes very uncomfortable and scurries out of the room, hiding her face.

3) Another person reported seeing her glide down a third floor hallway in this building

4) She has been seen peaking through the window of the language lab.



Hopefully, some day a competent medium could hold a rescue seance to try to free this tortured soul so she could go to the other side. But as of now, this ghost is still restless and looking to put her spirit and soul together, by haunting the Modern Language Arts Building.

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