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El Centro House –


Haunted Place - El Centro House


Located in Los Angeles, California, on El Centro Avenue.


This Haunted home is an old Spanish-style, well-kept, one floor house, built in a quiet neighborhood.


The C Family immigrated from France to Los Angeles in the 1960s. The couple's two eldest daughters lived in this house first, but moved out to their own places, when their parents and younger sister, Martine, arrived from France to live in this L.A. house. The dining room was turned into a bedroom and her parents slept in the master bedroom.


  1. Mrs. C, who had psychic abilities, felt a strong presence of someone unseen watching her during her first evening in their new home. Maritine also felt this and they soon realized that they were never "alone" in the house.

  2. One night, a noise in the kitchen woke Mrs. C and when she looked up, she saw a see-through young man, who was standing between her and her husband's beds. She yelled and the ghost disappeared. She called up her two older daughters, who also confirmed having the same ghostly visitor when they had lived at the house.

  3. Nightly visits of the young, male ghost continued on a regular basis. When a see-through, young woman joined the see-through young man, Mrs. C decided it was time to consult a professional medium, Brenda Crenshaw.


After Ms. Crenshaw made contact with the ghostly young couple, the truth of their suicide in the house was made known and later confirmed by looking at the appropriate records. What to do? The C family didn't want to move, or to continue to share the small house with the unhappy, ghostly duo. So, Mrs. C prayed fervently and relentlessly for several weeks for the spiritual release of the unhappy pair. Then, one night, the young male ghost appeared to apparently give her credit for all her efforts, and then disappeared for good. The result of Mrs. C's praying was that the ghostly couple was finally able to vacate the house, and the C family had peace and quiet at last.


The C family, Ms. Brenda Crenshaw. Story told to Hans Holzer.