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Hollywood Haunted Houses -

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Other City Hauntings in California

hollywood-haunted-housesThe Comedy Store
The Comedy Store was built in the late 30s to be a ritzy nightclub, Ciro's was one of the most popular, well-known... MORE
Haunted-HollywoodNelson House
The home of Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, and their sons, Ricky and David, sits at the base of the Hollywood Hills... MORE
hollywoodPantages Theater

This truly grand Hollywood theater, named after Alexander Pantages, is a glorious palatial, Art-Deco masterpiece, one of the most beautiful theaters in the world...
hollywood-ghostsThe Roosevelt Hotel

The Roosevelt, a 12 story luxury hotel for the rich and famous, the biggest and brightest stars...
hollywood-haunted-housesThe Palace Theater

Originally called The Hollywood Playhouse, The Palace Theater, has, in its 75 year history provided a showcase...
haunted-hollywood-housesThe Warner Pacific Theater
This labor of love designed and built by the Warner brothers is now open only for special film festivals...
hollywood-haunted-housesHarlow Westwood Home
Jean Harlow's former home is located in the quiet, upper-class neighborhood near UCLA in Westwood... MORE
hollywood-hauntingsHarlow/Bern House
This house is a two story, Bavarian-style mansion with unique gutter spouts consisting of life-sized, wooden carvings of ... MORE
real-hollywood-ghostsBessie Love Cabin
The Bessie Love cabin can be found toward the top of rugged Laurel Canyon, built on a lot set back from the road on... MORE
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