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Millbrae House


In a San Francisco suburb of Millbrae, the nearest town being Burlingame.


This house existed in 1884, during a time in San Francisco when, due to political conditions, the lack of law enforcement bordered on anarchy. The House was built on a parcel of land that sloped into a ravine, with the top floor on the front side of the house, which was located on the street level, where the living room & entrance hall were built. The middle floor below this top one provided the bedrooms, garage and work room. Underneath this middle floor was the basement that led to ground level in the rear, that touched the bottom of the ravine.


The following information was taken from a Mrs. G, who had grown up with her family in the house. The occurrences started when Mrs. G., as a teenager, used a Ouija board with some friends as a game. They stopped quickly when the room became very cold.

1.  Heard Noises - Footsteps to crashing noises as if something or a being was being thrown against a wall, or onto the floor.

(These following Incidents happened after Mrs. G had moved out to own place, but would occasionally spend a weekend with her Mom.)

2.  Sometimes, out of the corner of her eye, when Mrs. G was in the dining area, she would see a flash-like movement of some being or something unrecognizable making movements, which would disappear when she put her full attention on the happening.

3.  Once Mrs. G heard foot steps walking overhead, across the ceiling, as she laid in her bed. She thought that something was wrong with her mom, but found her mom asleep in her own bed.

4.  As Mrs. G was almost asleep, she heard distant voices that awoke her. A week later, to the day, Mrs. G's sleep was again disrupted by a human voice, (a girl's or a woman's), saying, "Help! - Help me!". Her mother was staying somewhere else that evening, and after looking outside, Mrs. G realized that the voices had come from her bedroom.

5.  Mrs. G's Mother: Heard footsteps upstairs and downstairs, when she was on the opposite floor of the occurrences and no one was ever there.

6.  Heard By Mrs. G's Son & Mrs. G: Mrs. G was downstairs , while her son was upstairs. Both heard a big crash, and thought the noise had happened on the other's floor, while in truth it was on neither.

7.  Many times the door bell would ring, and no one would be there.

Psychic Research:

Hans Holzer visited the house and brought a medium, Sybil Leek, who found out that a man, named Wasserman, was chased into the house and killed, because his killers thought that he was someone else.



Mr. Holzer & the medium told the ghost that a lot of years had gone by and his killers were long gone, so there was no reason to stay around the house. Holzer reassured the ghost that he personally would clear the ghost's name, (Wasserman), and let everyone know in a published story that Wasserman was innocent and was a very decent, nice person. There were no more incidents in this Millbrae house.


Mrs. G, her son, and Mrs. G's mother, Mr. Holzer & Sybil Leek.