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Monterey Haunted Houses –

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Other City Hauntings in California

monterey-haunted-houses Colton Hall
Colton Hall was the first public building in Monterey built under the American flag, by U.S. Navy Chaplain Walter Colton... MORE
monterey-ghosts-real-haunted-houses Stokes Adobe House
This well-kept adobe building was built by the Mexicans in the 1830s, and was the setting of many historical events... MORE
ghosts-monterey-haunted-houses Royal Presidio Chapel

Also known as the San Carlos Cathedral, the Royal Presidio Chapel was built in 1770, and became the chapel for the Monterey Presidio in 1795... MORE
ghosts-monterey-haunted-houses The Stevenson House
In the 1800s, the dwelling was a boarding house, and had as a resident a famous author, Robert Louis Stevenson... MORE
houses-monterey-hauntings Naval Postgrad School (formerly Hotel Del Monte)
The impressive buildings of the Hotel Del Monte are the property of the U.S. Gov't, and visitation is restricted... MORE
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