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Avalon Hollywood


Haunted Place - Avalon Hollywood (formerly Palace Theater)


1735 Vine Street
Hollywood, California  90028

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This three story building was built in 1927, one of the four professional theaters in Hollywood, originally called The Hollywood Playhouse, later renamed The Palace Theater.

In its long successful history, spanning 75 years, it has provided a showcase for many stars to shine, more than any theater in Hollywood, creating many fine memories for thousands of people who came and saw its first class entertainment. Fanny Brice's radio program, The Baby Snooks Radio Show, and Ken Murray's popular Blackouts Theater Revue, (1942-49) made their home here.

As times changed, so did the theater. It became one of television's first studios. Television shows such as This is Your Life (Groucho Marx), The Hollywood Palace (variety show), The Lawrence Welk Show, and many Bob Hope specials were filmed here.

The Palace Theater has been remodeled into a high class night club, that continues to be the place to film television specials, to hold film premiere parties, a place to use as a film location, and a place for top music artists to shine in front of an appreciative audience.

On each of the three floors there is a theater and lobby of some sort. The third floor has a smaller room used for comedy acts. It has a piano in it, that is usually kept covered when not in use. There is a small lobby outside the room. There is another theater on the second floor, which also has a lobby, and a landing, where the stairs go down to the first floor, which has the main theater. This main room has a large stage, a dance floor, a table area, where the audience sits, and a kitchen in the back. It also has a lobby.



The ghosts that call The Palace their home like to become active in the early morning hours, the favorite time being around 2:30 AM. They are friendly, amiable lot, and aren't in emotional pain.

  1. In the 90s, before The Palace installed its sophisticated security system, they had a large, burly night guard who had some interesting experiences, that made him want to keep watch outside the building.

    1. The Piano Player - One early morning, while making his security rounds, the guard heard some beautiful, jazzy piano music coming from the third floor comedy room. The guard, while enjoying this performance, wanted to find out who was in there unlawfully. The door was locked. An unexplainable strange light was emanating from the room. As he listened to the music, he silently slipped the key into the door. When he opened the door, the music stopped, and the light disappeared. He found the piano was uncovered, the bench pulled out, but no one was there.

    2. An amiable female presence - After The Palace closed for the night, the guard was locking up the second floor lobby, he had a strange sensation, and felt an unseen presence. He felt a cold wind gently blow on him, and smelled the scent of a sweet perfume. As he headed for the stairs, someone tapped him gently on the shoulder. He turned around and no one was there.

    3. The Man In a Tux - While sitting at one of the tables in the main room on the first floor, reading the paper. This evening/early morning, he had brought his cousin's German Sheppard for moral support. The dog suddenly looked intently at the left part of the stage in front of them. Both went over to the left curtain, where they saw a man in a tuxedo, who had no feet and a transparent face, who was watching them. He disappeared before the dog reached him. The dog sniffed the floor where the apparition stood, puzzled.

    4. After the man disappeared from the stage, the guard set a trap in the kitchen area by putting a plate on the floor, with a wine glass on top of it. If something goes through the kitchen, it probably wouldn't see this on the floor. Sure enough, they both heard a noise coming from the kitchen, and the dog bounded ahead into the kitchen, but quickly came back, whining like a puppy, slinking behind the guard. A little spooked, the guard cautiously opened the door. While no one was present, the plate had been placed on top of the wine glass.

    5. While standing on the main dance floor, alone in the place, the guard looked up to the balcony where he saw an older couple talking together. After telling them they can't be up there, and they ignored him, he charged up the stairs to the balcony. As he approached them, he got a closer look at them. Both were dressed in 1930s theater attire, and were obviously very much in love. They disappeared before his eyes.

      Patrons in this theater have often complained about a couple talking and laughing in the balcony, in this same spot, during the shows.

  2. The operations manager in the 90s also had some strange experiences.

    1. One night after the place had been closed up, and all the lights shut off, the operations manager came back into the club, all the white stage lights had been turned on. Suddenly all these lights turned off, and the stage was dimly lighted from the blue lights up the the cat walk above the stage. He then saw a shimmering, wavy 5 foot square mass float across the stage and then float back again before it disappeared.

    2. The operations manager also has found that the club's adding machines and cash registers, during the night are in the habit of printing out strange messages; sentences of words made out of numbers, instead of letters.

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