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The Pantages Theater –


Haunted Place - The Pantages Theater


6233 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, California 90028


This truly grand theater, named after Alexander Pantages, is a glorious palace-like, Art-Deco masterpiece, one of the most beautiful theaters in the world. The ceilings are breathtaking, and the inside decorum was created by highly skilled craftsmen.

At its completion in the thirties, it was used as a stage theater, presenting the popular musicals, shows of the day. Like most old-style grand theaters, it has a lobby, downstairs powder rooms, a large theater auditorium, grand balconies, a large stage area, and backstage dressing rooms, an orchestra pit. There are also offices on the upper floor, including a conference room.


In 1949, The Pantages Theater was acquired by Howard Hughes, to be the crowning jewel of his national movie theater chain, RKO pictures, which he bought. The theater became a grand place to see films, when it was converted from a stage theater to a theater with a huge screen. Hughes had his offices on the second floor. In 1954, Hughes sold all of his stock in RKO, and started down his path to being totally withdrawn from public life, which happened ten years later.

In 1967, Pacific Theaters bought The Pantages Theater, which was a bit run down by this time. In partnership with the Nederlander Corporation, Pacific Theaters renovated the insides of The Pantages Theater to its former glory, not only cleaning and repairing all the Art-Deco artesian masterpiece artwork found on the ceiling, walls, and floors, but also turning it back into a first rate stage theater for Broadway touring companies.



  1. The longest occurring manifestation has been happening since 1932, after a female patron died in the mezzanine of the theater during a stage performance of a popular musical. Soon after her death, the sound of a woman singing in the theater could be heard when the theater was dark and quiet sometimes during the day or at night as well. It is theorized that this woman was hoping to become a singer, and her dream was to perform on stage someday. In 1994, she became bolder and her singing was picked up by a microphone and heard during a live performance. She was singing along with the cast!

  2. Manifestations in the theater, especially on the second floor greatly increased after a 1990 break-in by vandals who damaged the upper balcony area. This incident greatly upset the ghosts who call The Pantages Theater their home, as they were people who when alive dearly loved this glorious place, and had experienced many happy times there.

    The presence that haunts the second floor is believed to be Howard Hughes. An executive assistant, who started to work for the Nederlander offices on the second floor in 1992, had some interesting experiences. Mainly in the company's remodeled conference room, which used to be Howard's office, she felt a presence, which sometimes took the form of cold spots, and a passing wind, when no air conditioning was on. Twice, she also saw a very tall man apparition, always rounding the corner into where his office used to be. In the area of his old office, she would often hear the sounds of the desk drawers being bumped, opened, closed, and the brass handles being clicked and rattled. She knew that it was just Howard, going about his business.

    This passing cold wind was also felt in the executive suite, along with the scent of cigarette smoke.

  3. While Howard Hughes keeps an eye on the second floor, there is another guardian presence on the main floor. In 1994, long after a performance, a wardrobe lady was the last to leave the already darkened theater. As she made her way to the side exit, the lights along the aisles went out, leaving her in total darkness. She fell over something, became disoriented and couldn't get to her feet, let alone find her way out. As she started to feel a little panicky, someone took her by her elbow and gently helped her to her feet, and then proceeded to firmly guide her to the exit. Relieved, the flustered woman opened up the exit door to let in some light. She immediately turned to thank her rescuer, but no one was there. It was too short a time for a living person to take off, and she heard no foot steps. It is theorized that perhaps this ghostly rescuer was Alexander Pantages himself, who was an all around gentleman in real life.

Still Haunted?

It appears to be.

Howard Hughes, the singing lady and perhaps Alexander Pantages are perfectly happy hanging out at The Pantages, lending a hand to the living.