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Peninsula School –


Haunted Place — Peninsula School


920 Peninsula Way
Menlo Park, California  94025
Web Link * (650) 325-1584


Built in 1880, by James Coleman, as a wedding gift for James' young wife, Carmelita, this $100,000, magnificent mansion was the Coleman's newlywed home for only a brief time, due to the tragic, accidental shooting of Carmelita which happened in a San Francisco hotel.


After Carmelita's death, John sold the mansion, never to live in it again. The Mansion changed owners a lot over the years, with no one staying too long. In 1906, a young woman threw herself down one of the steep stairways and killed herself. In 1925, The Peninsula School bought the Coleman Mansion and soon realized that a resident ghost, Carmelita Coleman, also came with the sale.


There are 50 years of stories told by children and adults of seeing an apparition of a thin woman dressed in green, of shimmering lights and of unexplained footsteps, which have continued to this day. A former director thinks this resident ghost likes the children & staff, and is a kindly presence in the school, as she likes to appear a lot and has never hurt anybody at the school.

  1. At a sleep-in at the school, a whole class of children and their teacher, Starr, saw a green, see-through woman who was looking at them and studying them for 5 minutes. All twenty children drew pictures later of a green, shimmering woman.

  2. Starr also met this green woman ghost on another instance while alone in a pitch dark hallway. Upon seeing her, he turned on the light. She didn't disappear, so Starr and the green lady ghost just studied each other for a time.

  3. In front of his awe-struck friends, a student ran right through the green lady ghost when she suddenly appeared to them.

Psychic Research:

A San Francisco medium, Macelle Brown, and fifty people held a seance at the school. Talking through the medium, the green lady confirmed common knowledge that she was indeed Carmelita Coleman and told them the unknown story of her unhappy marriage, her lover, her very jealous husband and her claim that she was murdered.

However, a surprise presence, claiming to be Carmelita's father, R. Nuttail, communicated through the medium that Carmelita's claims were "hog wash". He set everyone straight on the point that it actually was his money, not Coleman's, that was used to build this mansion, which is now their school. Thus, he had the right to be there. R. Nuttail further explained that from time to time, he likes to "visit" this school to watch the students and school activities.


Nuttail enjoys children, likes to see their progress, as well as the modern improvements made at the school. He means no harm to anyone.

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