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The Mission San Antonio De Padua –


Haunted Place - The Mission San Antonio De Padua


PO Box 803
Jolon, California 93928
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This Mission is located 15 miles from Pacific Ocean, 250 miles North of L.A., by way of Route 101, and is 20 miles South of King City. The nearest town is a small village of Jolon. Built in a remote spot in a long, dry valley, the Mission stands by itself, with a few oak trees on the surrounding hills. The land around the Mission is surrounded by a Military Reserve. Visiting the Mission is like stepping back in time. They like visitors, but don't get many tourists. They have a museum.


The Mission was built in 1771, the third church in a Mission chain that was founded by Father Junipero Serra. The first wedding in Calif. was performed there.


  1. 12:30 A.M. In the Courtyard, a figure of a Monk in a cowl, carrying a lighted candle, was seen moving down a path. It vanished when Richard Senate went down a path to meet it. It looked very much like a solid, regular person. (Monks used to wake up early in the morning, and with a candle to see the path, used to go to the Mission to pray.)

  2. Headless Indian Lady, (squaw), sitting on a galloping horse. The story is told of an indian squaw who was beheaded by her prospector husband when he caught her in bed with another man. The husband took the head and buried it away from the body. Brother Timothy, a Friar who was at the Mission for 15 years, told of her manifestation as seen by MPs in guard stations at the Military Reserve. Two jeeps took off after the apparition, but she vanished.

  3. Archeological students saw a cloud that floated out from underneath an arch of the Mission, and then went out to the center of the garden to the fountain, and then went inside the door of the church. Happened only once. (Brother Timothy felt that the cloud was Father John Baptist who had just died the night before, 60 miles away. He used to go through the garden to see the goldfish in the fountain, before going to the church to pray.)

  4. A seven year old, Gigi Geardino, who was dying of cancer, got permission to be buried at the Mission, a day before she died. Violets mysteriously sprung up on the girl's grave and thrived, despite of a climate that was normally too hot for violets to grow in. Some years later, when the girl's mom died, a white violet again mysteriously sprang up among the purple ones.


Identity of Ghosts: Various friars, including Father John Baptist, the headless horsewoman, manifestations involving Gigi Geardino and her mother.

Personalities: All seem to be tending to their own business.

Witnesses: Brother Timothy Arthur, Richard Senate and others in the archeological team from Calif. Polytechnic, various friars & students at the mission & possibly soldiers at the surrounding army base & residents of the area.

Information on occurrences put together by: Brother Timothy Arthur, Richard Senate, Father Leo Sprietsma (Present Head of Mission)

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Best Time to Witness: Sightings are reported both day and night.

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