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Stanley-Ware House

Haunted Place - Stanley-Ware House


12174 Euclid Avenue
Garden Grove, California 92840
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* (714) 530-8871


Heritage Park property includes 2 acres of parkland where the fully preserved, gingerbread-style, 1891 Stanley House stands and also includes an old barn at the back of the Park which was converted into a small, intimate, playhouse theater.


Mr. Don H., who was the caretaker of Heritage Park and lived in a room at the Stanley House, has had 2 experiences with apparitions; one that wanted to communicate a philosophy of living to Don, and one who loved to watch drama productions.

  1. While lying in his bed one night, an apparition of an older man appeared to Don, right next to his bed and proceeded to give him some fatherly advice:"Don't take any Bullsh--!"

  2. While rehearsing his lines for an upcoming play with the Scheherazade Players at the small, Heritage Barn Theater, Don spied an older gentleman, dressed in clothes from the 1920 - 1940 time era, sitting in the front row, and who was watching the rehearsals. Thinking that this gentleman was one of the other players' father, he went over to introduce himself, only to see this drama enthusiast evaporate before his eyes.

  3. Evidence of other spiritual, unseen drama lovers can be seen in a series of play performance pictures. Bolts of lightning, known in parapsychology circles as spirit energy, were hanging over the actors/actresses on the developed film, thus having the best seats in the theater.

  4. Many visitors to the Stanley House Museum have heard the sound of a baby crying, which seemed to be coming from the upstairs nursery.

  5. Two pictures that hang on the walls of the Stanley House have also taken visitors by surprise. A solemn portrait of J.G. Chandler has, on occasion, been reported to smile at unsuspecting visitors. The second picture of an unknown man, sometimes appears to be bleeding at the throat. If one looks very carefully, sometimes "tiny beads of blood can be seen forming, just above the standard, white collar, spreading a dark red line along his throat."

Psychic Research:

Psychic Science Investigators came to examine the Stanley House.

  1. While in the house, they too heard the baby crying. While resting their hands on the crib in the nursery, they were all consumed with "impressions" of a baby dying in this crib. Later, information was made available, and it was revealed that a former caretaker's baby had died in the nursery.

  2. Some investigators felt that an invisible force slowed down their ability to climb the stairs to the second floor. They theorized that they were feeling the impression of pain and frustration still lingering on the staircase, from the elderly Agnes Stanley, who perhaps tried to climb the stairs and couldn't. Agnes' last years were spent on the first floor, as she was not able to handle the stairs.



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