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Stevenson House –

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Haunted Place - Stevenson House


530 Houston Street
Monterey, California 93940
(831) 649-7118


The Stevenson House is a museum which is located in Monterey State Park, at 530 Houston Street. The museum is open every day but Wednesday, from 10 -11 am and from 1-4 pm. One must make reservations in advance for the tour.


In the 1800s, the dwelling was a boarding house, and had a famous author, Robert Louis Stevenson, staying there. Although the house was named for Stevenson, it was owned and run by Manuela Giradin, who was also a devoted mother and grandmother.


During the summer of 1879, Mrs. Manuela Giradin's husband caught the dreaded typhoid fever and died. Unfortunately, Manuela's two much-loved grandchildren came down with typhoid fever as well, in early December of 1879. Manuela devotedly nursed her two grandchildren both day and night, probably exhausting herself. Alas, Manuela also caught the fever and died on December 21st, without knowing that her grandchildren pulled through due to her efforts.


Most people, including the curator, Barbara, think that the ghost of Manuela Giradin is the cause of these manifestations, as she relives the last sorrowful weeks of her life. Most incidents happen in the house's nursery, almost always during the first 3 weeks of December.

  1. The nursery rocking chair will begin rocking all by itself, propelled by an unseen presence.

  2. Visitors to the house will smell the sickroom disinfectant, carbolic acid, which was used in the 1800s.

  3. A woman in a black dress has been seen in the nursery by both visitors and the curator, Barbara. Visitors figured that the woman was the housekeeper because she was in costume like the curator, Barbara. However, the woman vanished before their eyes.

Barbara, while preparing to close the museum for the afternoon, spied this woman in a long, black gown, with a high lace collar, looking intently down at the children's bed in the nursery. Barbara told this woman that it was time to close the museum, and the woman, looking straight at her, nodded that she understood. When Barbara looked again, the woman had vanished.

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