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Stokes Adobe Restaurant

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Haunted Place - Stokes Adobe


500 Hartnell Street
Monterey, California 93940

* (831) 373-1202


This well-kept adobe building was built by the Mexicans in the 1830s, and was the place of many historical happenings and events. This two story adobe was considered one of the the most "pretentious" homes in Monterey. Through out the years, it served as a private home, a garrison for officers, a place for community events and various restaurants.

In the early days of Monterey, the most important social event, the Cascarone Ball was held here for many years. Today, weddings, special parties and other events are still held here.


The following occurrences usually happen in the early morning hours.

  1. The last employee to leave the darkened, locked restaurant will get to the parking lot, when all of a sudden all the lights in the restaurant will turn on by themselves.

  2. One can hear footsteps traveling through the upstairs rooms when no one living is up there.

  3. The cries of a young child can be heard coming from the upstairs rooms.

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