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Denver Haunted Houses –

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denver-hauntings The Strada Building
The Bombay Club in the Strada Building sold drinks to not only the living, but to customers from 111 years ago... MORE
hauntings-real-denver The Denver Courthouse
The Denver Courthouse seems to be the home of some early morning ghosts... MORE
denver-haunted-houses Denver Union Station

The original Denver Union Station building suffered the fate of a lot of buildings during the late 1800s, when a fire started in the ladies room which destroyed the 180 ft wooden tower and the southwest side of the station... MORE
denver-haunted-houses Molly Brown House
Molly Brown's house always had a lot of people staying there. It makes sense that the same is true today.... MORE
ghosts-denver-haunted-houses Grant Humphreys Mansion
The Grants had many wealthy and influential friends and liked to entertain at their mansion. Perhaps that explains... MORE
haunted-denver Bradmar Tudor Manor
This immense 20-room mansion was originally built in 1920 by a wealthy family for their daughter... MORE
ghost-hotel Newhouse Hotel
While definitely not an "upscale, boutique establishment", this 1911 historic Newhouse Hotel, designed by Arthur H. O’Brien, has been described as being an eclectic, antique inn... MORE