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Strada Building

Haunted Dwelling — Strada Building


1128 Grant Street
Denver, Colorado  80203


The Strada, formerly The Bombay Club, is located in the Capitol Hill area of Denver.


This two story brick building was built in 1895 and used as a tavern, frequented by cowboys and other citizens of early Denver. Over the years various restaurants and businesses made their home here. For many years, The Bombay Club restaurant, specializing in ersatz Indian fine cuisine, served its patrons on the first floor, while the second floor was reserved for entertainment.

The current business that moved in recently is an upscale place called The Strada, which still serves meals on the first floor, as we could see the tables and chairs on the first floor when we went to visit Denver on our road trip, in the summer of 2006. They probably continue to offer live music as well.


In 2002, the owner of the Bombay Club, Greg McAllister, reported to Dennis Hauck that he sold drinks to not only the living, but also gave drinks to former customers from 111 years ago, as entities of cowboys still visited the bar area, probably looking solid like people. They would happily drink the beverage offered and then quietly disappear into thin air one way or another.

It will be interesting to see if these cowboy entities continue to patronize the new restaurant and cabaret, The Strada, which has moved into this old building.


Still Haunted?

Don't know if these entity patrons will continue to appear, but they probably will visit in one way or another, unless asked to leave through an intervention or exorcism. I think they had good memories of this place and like to visit it as for some reason they can't go to the other side, as is the case in several stories on this Web-Site, such as The Saint James Hotel in Cimarron, New Mexico, and the stories found about Virginia City, Nevada.


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