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The White House


Haunted Dwelling — The White House


Built in America's capitol city, Washington D.C., The White House can be found at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


At least two restless spirits make their residence there, and don't have to go through security, or have secret service people following their every move.

1) The most troubled, restless spirit has to be President Lincoln, who left a lot of unfinished business and unfulfilled plans for the nation when he unexpectedly was killed. Lincoln was visually seen by Mary Even, who was Eleanor Roosevelt's servant. She saw the apparition of Lincoln in the northwest bedroom, busily trying to pull on his boots.

A) Others has seen him lying quietly on his bed, deep in thought.

B) Others has seen him standing at the oval window which is located over the main entrance of the White House.

C) Mrs. Roosevelt felt a presence watching her when she was working late.

D) The late Queen Wilhelmia, while sleeping in the Queen's room, was awakened by knocking at her door. When she opened the door, she came eyeball to eyeball with the apparition of Lincoln, and promptly fainted.

E) During the eve of a National crisis, such as war, his spirit is very restless and his presence is felt round - the - clock, in silent support of his beloved country, the United States of America.

i) Lincoln's dead sons, Pat and Willie, were said to have regular visits with their family.

ii) Members of the Taft family saw Abigail Adams walk right through the closed doors of the East Room, with outstretched arms.

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