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Herlong Mansion

Haunted Dwelling — Herlong Mansion


P.O. Box 667
402 N.E. Cholokka Boulevard
Micanopy, Florida 32667
Web Link
* (352) 466-3322


Micanopy is located in north central Florida between Gainesville and Ocala. It is described as a small, quiet town; a peaceful place with beautiful old homes located on streets "shaded by huge live oaks draped with Spanish moss."


In 1845, the original house was built by the Simonton family, described as a simple "cracker style" 2 story pine farm home, with a detached, separate kitchen. The Simonton family was one of the founding families in Micanopy, and they chose a plot of land located near a trade route.

In 1910 a Simonton daughter, Natalie married a wealthy entrepreneur, Zetty Herlong, who did some major remodeling, turning the house into a splendid mansion, built in the Greek Revival style. Corinthian style columns greet the visitor in the front, and such rich touches, such as elegant leaded-glass windows, fine wood paneling, and intricately laid floors using oak, maple, and mahogany, are found throughout the mansion.

Natalie and her husband wound up with a showcase mansion with plenty of room — Three stories and an attic. They had six children who grew up in this mansion, and all wanted it when their parents passed on. Uh Oh!

Mae, Natalie (nicknamed "Pink"), V.J., John, Dorothy and Inez wound up in court for 18 years. Finally, Inez Herlong Miller, by now a retired teacher and dress shop owner, finally had the money at the age of 68 to buy out her other siblings because her husband died. She had dreams to renovate the mansion to its former glory. Unfortunately, she was found dead in her childhood room from a diabetic episode, soon after taking possession of the mansion.

Unfortunately her son, who inherited the mansion let it slide further into disrepair. It was sold in 1986, which was the beginning of its revival and renewal. A series of owners each did some work on the mansion, with the result of a great renovation, bringing the mansion to its former glory. It is open as a Bed and Breakfast, with six beautifully decorated guest rooms, three impressive suites, and three lovely cottages.


    1. The ghost of Inez is said to haunt this fine old mansion. "Inez" died after a diabetic episode, probably in her childhood room which has been reported to be haunted by the living.


      1. When the mansion was being renovated, people working on the mansion would be treated to footsteps and the sound of doors opening and closing, and specifically the door entering Inez's room had a mind of its own!

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      1. One of the places Inez liked to hang out was her old room, now called Inez's Suite, and is located on the third floor. It is quite a nice room now, with a queen size antique brass bed,and an elegant sitting area. The room also has a large, white-tiled deck with a Jacuzzi spa for two under leaded glass windows, handmade leaded glass lighting fixtures, with a full bath and shower, robes and a stereo. Inez should be very pleased!

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      1. In the late 1990s, a couple spent the night in the Inez Suite. They could hardly believe their eyes. Looking in the mirror located over the dressing table, they happened to see a female apparition floating peacefully across the room, wearing a red shawl over her head, so her features weren't visible. They could only see her by looking in the mirror itself. Perhaps the entity thought it rude to appear directly in front of them and chose to let her presence be known discreetly.

    1. The Verandah —

      One early morning, a woman was sitting in a chair on the second floor, drinking a warm drink. Feeling someone watching her, she looked up and saw a pleasant looking woman standing there looking at her benignly. The woman vanished as quickly as she came. Inez was probably checking to be sure that her guest was properly cared for and comfortable.


    1. The Staircase —

      Footsteps were heard and a whiff of smoke going up the staircase was noticed.

Psychic Research:

During one investigation, researchers got readings which were noticeably higher at the top of the stairs and in Inez's room as well.


It depends on who you talk to.

Today, the owners think she has peacefully gone to the other side, but others think she may still be hanging around.


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