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Atlanta's Basement


It was an 18 year old house in Atlanta, Georgia, in a peaceful, suburban neighborhood, near the famous old Fort McPherson. It was haunted in 1962, but not any longer, due to the actions of the then homeowner, Mary, and some realizations made by the ghosts themselves.


The house was described as a warm & cozy home with a street-level floor and a large basement. The street-level floor had a large living room, 3 bedrooms and a den which led into the kitchen. One got to the basement either by the outside stairs or the stairway which connected one of the bedrooms to the basement. Only the right side of the basement was cemented and was used as the laundry room. A sealed wall separated this developed part of the basement from the uncemented, dirt area of the basement.


When Mary, a divorced mother of two teen daughters, moved into the house, she didn't know that it was already occupied by several ghosts. However, Mary and her girls soon found out the truth.


    1. In the light of the day, books and other things began to vanish and then appear in other places. They also heard music coming from the kitchen where there was no radio.

    2. When her girls were away, Mary was down in the basement when she heard sounds of footsteps moving overhead, drawers being opened and shut, and of water running. She ran up the stairs, but found nothing. Many afternoon naps were disrupted by an unseen presence, coming into the house and walking about, running water and even flushing the toilet. It became so annoying, that after yet another time of someone coming through the door, Mary sat up and yelled at the unseen presence to go away and leave her alone! Mary then heard a male voice say. "She can see me!"

    3. Mary's eldest daughter heard the sounds of a typewriter in the basement, where there wasn't one kept.

    4. While still in bed one morning, Mary heard two sets of footsteps; quick steps of a child and heavier steps of an adult. One set traveled to her younger daughter's room, while the other adult set of foot prints came down the hall, through her bedroom door and stopped right at her bed.


    1. 2:00 AM — Someone kept trying to break in the front door, which was a nightly occurrence. There were never any seen marks on the door or surrounding area.

    2. Mary heard someone digging in the uncemented side of the basement, night after night. No one was ever there, and there was no disturbed dirt either.

    3. Both Mary and her younger daughter were awakened by a pair of ice-cold hands. The younger daughter also saw a shadowy form by her bedside.

Psychic Research:

As Mary had always been gifted with psychic abilities, she decided to relax deeply to find out who these unseen presences were, and why they were haunting her house. She heard the female ghost say:"I Need Your Help."" Mary responded by asking aloud, "Where are you?" The presence answered that she was in the basement. Then, Mary and some of her friends held a rescue seance which didn't help at all.

Finally, when Mary heard the pleading, female voice, asking Mary to come to the basement to help her, Mary did so and went down on her knees in the basement and said a long prayer for these restless spirits.

Still Haunted?


Because of Mary's prayer, and perhaps the belated realization by the ghosts that they were dead and their house was in a different time period, there were no more disturbances, much to the relief of Mary and her girls.