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Headless Grandfather House

Those who remember The Legend of Ichabod Crane will certainly be interested in this house.


The original owner, Mr. C., had been a local big shot in North Carolina. A married man, he made much money and had many affairs. He had a nice home in Columbus, Georgia. Some of the affairs resulted in illegitimate children.

Grover C., who had been born around the turn of the last century, had a strong will and a curiosity about everything. He rose in the local business world based on his strong drive, which was never quenched or extinguished, even in old age.

The pressure of his complicated life caused Grover C. to have a breakdown. By 1962 he had a practical nurse taking care of him. He died in the early 60s.


A year after his death, Grover's son, Lewis C., was building a brick flower planter at his home in Columbus. Working with him was Fred, a professional brick layer. At one point Lewis saw Fred freeze, like he had seen a ghost. Questioned, Fred related: "I've just seen Mr. C, big as life." He described his vision, which included the white pants Mr. C. always wore. Only the bottom half of the figure could be seen.

Soon, the son, Lewis C., had his one ghost encounter of the third kind: actual spirit contact. At night, with the lights out, he spotted a figure in the hall. He knew it to be his father. He was wearing dark pants and a white shirt. And, he had no head! The figure tiptoed toward him. When Lewis appeared to recognize the ghost, it leaped backward three times and then vanished.


Columbus, Georgia, is a gracious old Southern town.

This is a private residence. Tours are not given.