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Currier Hall, University of Iowa

HAUNTED PLACE:  University of Iowa - Currier Hall


Iowa City is on the Iowa River near the intersection of U.S. Interstate Highways 80 and 380.

This University of Iowa residence hall is located on the East Campus, near the corner of Clinton Street and Fairchild Street.

Currier Hall is next to Burge and Stanley Halls, three blocks north of the Pentacrest.



Currier Hall is a huge, stunning, coed complex of resident rooms for 637 students, made of brick, with a classy decor, brick garnishes and style, suggesting that it was built earlier during  the University's history; I'm guessing in the 1920s. The windows on the very top floor have a 1920s look, seen on other buildings of this era. During the years, the building was probably remodeled and renovated to meet the student's needs.  

This beautiful resident hall has perks from the past as well as modern conveniences. There is a formal, main lounge with a baby grand piano, a fitness center, a quiet house floors, computer lab, ResNet computing connections, and enough space to sponsor The Performing Arts Learning Community and the Leadership Community in Business and Entrepreneurship.


The legend says: Sometime in Currier Hall's past, three young women who shared the same room, all fell in love with the same young man. In heart-broken despair, they all killed themselves.

Some parents have trouble letting go of control of their kids when they go off to college.


When room mates are fighting and not getting along, these three entities are said to appear and make a room call, offering counseling to promote friendship and harmony.

E-300s part of this building, residents report seeing an apparition of a stern, concerned man, a father of a former resident, who hangs around, watching residents intensely.



It seems to be the home of these three spirits, as reported by the sources listed below. 

The three female spirits must regret their emotional over the top reaction, and are trying to find a meaningful purpose to their continued stay in Currier Hall. I bet that everyone does their best to get along and avoid the ghostly advice session.

The entity of the overly concerned, male parental unit is still looking for his daughter, who is long gone. His worry and concern keeps him from passing onto the other side.


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