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Old  Masonic Temple Building


Old  Masonic Temple Building/Lyceum Hall & Museum - Owned by Palmer College.


7th and Brady Street,
Davenport, Iowa.


The old Davenport Lodge No. 37 building, now known as Lyceum Hall & Museum can be found on 7th Street and Brady Street.



This immense, bland-looking, yet impressive building with Greek touches, does indeed make a great spot for a museum, where Palmer College can put on display on various floors their student's  and faculty's accomplishments, and the study of Chiropractic itself,  helping to promote their Palmer College of Chiropractic to visitors and other interested parties.

This four story, gray cement block building was constructed in 1922, when Masons in Davenport realized that they needed a new building.  This new Masonic Temple opened its doors on November 19th, 1923 and was dedicated as Davenport Lodge No. 37, a lodge of Master Masons with 400 members, many of whom were policemen.

In 1996, Masonic Temple Building was sold to Palmer College, because of the high cost of upkeep and other circumstances. This sale made sense, as Palmer College boundaries had grown southward; 7th Street being its new southern boarder.  This old temple building is just across the street from the Pi Kappa Chi House, and The Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research, which is a strategic spot for a museum, and perhaps a fancy event location or lecture hall.



Groups of men found in various traditional organizations for men (military, police, gangsters, Masons etc.) have experienced male bonding on an intense level, which creates a loyalty and commitment that can even outlast a life span.  Some individuals can't let go of this world because of their loyalty, sense of duty and the bonding with others which they grew to depend on, for a satisfaction that would be hard to replace.

Some examples from stories found on our web site.

( Brewery Arts Center * United State Air Force Museum * Gettysburg Battlefield * The Bar Next Door )


All of the paranormal activity which takes place in this building, has been boiled down to one sentence by other web sites; "Many types of haunting phenomenon at all hours of the day" have been reported by the college's security staff.

What does this statement mean?

It means that the living are treated to the full menu of paranormal experiences, both day and night, probably caught on the building's security system, if not directly experienced by staff or visitors to the museum. 

Paranormal occurrences which could be experienced:

Moving objects, items winding up in odd places, furniture rearrangement.

 Foot steps, weird moving lights, aroma of cigars, cold spots, cool breezes not coming from the air conditioning or natural wind source.

Odd noises, disembodied voices in discussion, or the calling out of names.

Being touched by an unseen presence, having the feeling of being watched,  and actual visual sightings of apparitions.


Yes indeed!

Security cameras offer clear evidence of an entity or entities unknown, still enjoying their good times as Masons.


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