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Pocatello High School -


Haunted Place - Pocatello High School


325 North Arthur Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho 83204
Pocatello High School Web Site
* (208) 233-2056


Pocatello High School can be found on the southwest side of Pocatello, two blocks north of West Center Street, west of the railroad tracks.


The city of Pocatello, which can be found along the old Oregon Trail, on the Snake River Plain, was long known as "The Gate City" to the area's "economic and educational development.

In 1810, trappers came and started the development ball rolling, which resulted in city hood for Pocatello in 1882. In 1834, Fort Hall was built, only 8 miles north on the Oregon Trail. During the gold rush of the 1860s, stages and freight lines came through Pocatello's Portneuf Valley which all traveled to the West Coast and back again. The railroad, originating from Utah, was built through Pocatello in 1876, which wound up connecting Portland, Omaha and Salt Lake City.

By the 1890s, growth was rapid as land taken from the Indians was up for grabs. The city today is the result of no sensible Urban planning, one source laments. It was laid out by the clerks in the land office, not by engineers who knew what they were doing.

The original Pocatello High School was built on this same spot probably in the early 1900s. It burned to the ground in 1914, because the city had water pressure problems. The oldest buildings of the current Pocatello High school were built in 1916. A major addition and the gymnasium were built in 1939. Since then, more buildings and a new gym have been added to the campus.

The school has been updated and renovated throughout the years, but still has its 1916 charm!


1) History: Sometime during the time period, ranging from the 1930s -'50s two girls made a suicide pact. One girl killed herself the next day by hanging herself from her locker, while the other girl chickened out.

* The smell of the dead girl's favorite perfume used to permeate the locker bay where her locker was located. The school finally removed the locker.

* An apparition of a young girl is seen wandering around the school at night by custodial staff.

* For years afterwards, the faint scent of her perfume was smelled by the living. On occasion, the custodian will get a strong blast of the scent when the night is still.

2) History: For many years, a real skeleton was used in science classes. When the school began to use plastic skeletons, some entity was disappointed that his bones were no long being used!!!

* Science teachers would find bones from the real skeleton tucked away in their science cabinets, and in odd places in their rooms.

3) Other Paranormal Occurrences:

*Apparitions of entities can be seen inside the Library by looking through the window from the street and from windows in the back of the buildings.

* Late at night, one can hear an alarm go off for a short time in the area where the old Gym was located.

* During the evening hours, the sound of piano playing can be heard coming from the auditorium when no one living is there.


Yes, as many reports over the years and recently confirm the existence of entities who are still going to high school one way or the other.


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Idaho Hauntings (formerly Ghosts of Idaho) - Pocatello High School Page

Pocatello High School Web Site

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