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Kansas Haunted Houses - HauntedHouses.com

haunted-kansas-city-houses Strawberry Hill Mansion

This dream home of the Scroggs family still has the beauty and class put into it by the original designers... MORE
haunted-topeka Topeka High School

As the city of Topeka grew, the need for a public high school became evident. Graveyards were moved... MORE
kansas-city-hauntings-houses Sauer's Castle

Around 1930, Sauer's Castle got the reputation of being haunted, which only grew over the years. By the time the Sauer family sold the mansion, it was widely thought to be so, which drew not only curiosity seekers, but vandals and would-be looters... MORE
topeka-real-haunted-houses State Capitol Bldg
"The Kansas Governor and Legislature wanted the finest capitol building for their state. After the horrors and hardships of the Civil War..." MORE
Broadview Hotel
Despite being a place of relaxation and enjoyment with all the bells and whistles over the years, a crime of passion and rage took place ... MORE