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Surgeon's House –


Built in the city of El Dorado, in Butler County in the state of Kansas.


This roomy 1890 two story bungalow has four bedrooms, two on the second floor, with the master bedroom on the first floor. There is a staircase leading up to the second floor, and has hardwood floors. It also has a large basement. Outside, there is a large yard, with huge, beautiful ancient trees.


This house was built in 1890 by a well-known surgeon, who lived, and died in this house. As there wasn't a hospital in Butler County during this time, this surgeon used the basement as an operating room, and had his patients recuperate in the upstairs bedrooms.


The Richardson family, consisting of Mr. & Mrs. and their two daughters, lived in this house from 1967 - 1973.

1) After a month of living there, their 12 year old daughter went up to her second floor bedroom to go to bed. After she had turned off her light, and started to go to sleep, she heard what she thought were her mother's footsteps coming up the stairs. When the footsteps entered her room, and stopped at the foot of her bed, she opened her eyes, expecting to see her mom. No one was there! She quickly popped out of bed, and ran down the stairs to find her parents busy in the downstairs area. No one had come up the stairs.

2) Several days later, while this 12 year old was in her room, suddenly her closet door opened and slammed shut all by itself. She ran into her sister's room, to find her sister standing in the middle of her room, watching her closet door opening and shutting by itself. The frightened girls said nothing to their parents.

3) Soon, the girls were seeing their dresser drawers opening and closing at will, like someone was looking for something. Plus, when they came home from school, they would often find their drawers opened to the fullest extent possible.

4) When they left for school, they always pulled the window shades down. However, the shades were always up when they came home. No one had been in the house all day.

5) The two daughters finally told their mother what had been going on in their rooms. Shortly after sharing this with their mom, the three of them started to see for just an instant an apparition of a large, very tall man, in different areas of their house. Sometimes they just caught a glimpse of him as he was leaving a room. He wasn't frightening them, as he seemed to just to be going about his business. They were wondering who he was, and what he wanted.

6) After about 2 years of seeing this apparition, Mrs. Richardson told Mr. Richardson about their experiences. He just laughed, and thought they were watching too many movies.

7) Soon after Mr. Richardson was informed, his wife and his daughters went out of town for a weekend. While sleeping in the master bedroom downstairs, Mr. Richardson was abruptly awakened by slamming and banging noises, accompanied by footsteps running swiftly up and down the stairs. Mr. Richardson hurriedly put on some clothes, and bolted from the house, taking refuge in an all night restaurant, sipping coffee until the sun came up. From then on, he never doubted his family's stories again.

8) In 1973, the house was sold, but the new owner moved out the next year. The house changes owners/renters frequently, because of the activities of the ghost(s) in this house, just going about the business of a surgeon's daily work life, and of his patients.

Still Haunted?

Definitely yes. Possibly there are three ghosts in the house.

1) The surgeon is still working, making room calls and living in his house. He perhaps died when he still had work to do.

2) His patients are still trying to retrieve their belongings from closets and dresser drawers, before checking out of this home hospital. (Perhaps not everyone survived surgery.)

3) Perhaps a nurse still helps the doctor out by checking on patients, and opening window shades. (The incident in #1 suggests that the girl heard a woman's steps coming up the stairs into her room, as she thought it was her mother).