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Little White Flower –


Mrs. D & her Son, his friends, and the ghost of Little White Flower.


The comfortable, white house where all the below incidents took place is located on a hilltop, in suburban Kentucky, not far from Cincinnati. There is a man-made pond in front of the house, and the area surrounding the house is beautiful and peaceful. There were no outward signs or evidence of anything strange or unusual about the house or the area around the house that would point to the cause of these spooky incidents that happened inside this particular house.


These disturbing incidents started to happen 6 months after this part- Cherokee family moved into this house, in 1963.

1) Mrs. D started to hear footsteps upstairs when the house was empty of people. She also heard the sound of a marble being rolled across the floor. After a careful search of upstairs, she found no one and no marble.

2) In response to these noises one day, Mrs. D who was standing at the bottom of the stairs, yelled up at the unseen noisemaker to appear and speak, instead of making so many annoying noises. An upstairs door was slammed shut, and the noises stopped.

3) Things really started to heat up after an amateur seance attempt, which took place on the second New Years Eve the family was in the house. Mrs. D's son and his two friends talked Mrs. D into participating. They all joined hands and sat quietly in a circle in front of the fire place. When nothing happened, Mrs. D's son suggested that they needed a spirit guide from the other side to help them. Mrs. D, in a jesting manner, heard herself tell her son to call on his Indian ancestor, Little White Flower. Mrs. D then said that they should stop all this nonsense and go to bed. However, as she was talking, the other three in this seance group became mesmerized by the appearance of some kind of light, glowing from the fireplace, that she finally noticed as well. It disappeared after a short time.

4) After the above incident, the disturbances got more intense and terrifying. Mrs. D found strange, little stones, which were in the shape of Indian arrows, all over the house that weren't there a second before. Finding them made her very uneasy, and she threw them out as fast as she found them.

5) Several weeks later, while changing the bedsheets on her bed, she found a huge, red arrow which had been painted on the bottom sheet, that only could've been put there by unseen hands.

6) During the winter of 1963, Mrs. D was taking a nap on the sofa, and was awakened suddenly by a feeling of horror that slowly moved up from her feet to finally flooding her entire body and mind. While she couldn't hear or see anything, she felt the strong presence of something terribly evil, which had filled up the entire room, and was about to overcome her. After this experience, there were no more disturbances for a few weeks. But then, she once again began to find the little arrow stones, causing her to be hysterical with fear. A knowledgable friend advised her to have a professional seance in order to send Little White Flower away. So, She contacted Prof. Hans Holzer and sent volumes of letters to him through the mail, to which he responded.

7) In the several months before Holzer's visit, Mrs. D felt Little White Flower's influence upon her at all times, even though the presence of Little White Flower and her manifestations weren't constantly around. She made another visual appearance to Mrs. D, the same week that the little arrow stones began to appear again. It was 4:00 am when Mrs. D. awoke to the feeling of the presence of her tormentor in her bedroom. As Mrs. D looked into the hallway, she plainly saw 2 red eyes and a white mouth on the wall, which looked like a clown face. This creepy vision lasted for 2 to 3 minutes before disappearing.

8) On June 20, 1964, Hans Holzer was able to visit Mrs. D and led a solemn exorcism, demanding that Little White Flower "withdraw from the spot." Mrs. D began to cry hysterically, as if some part of her was being forcibly removed, and she herself was being ejected, instead of Little White Flower. She recovered afterwards, and was finally free from this menacing presence.


Mrs. D & her family, her knowledgable friend, her son's friends and Hans Holzer.



Mrs. D now lives in a quiet house, free from disturbances as it seems that Little White Flower has gone back to where she belongs.