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Alibi Bar –


Haunted Place: Alibi Bar and Grill


1811 Iberville Street
New Orleans, Louisiana  70112

Phone: (504) 522-9187 * Email: info@alibineworleans.com  *  Web Site: alibineworleans.com


The Alibi Bar can be found on the corner of Iberville St. and Bourbon St., one block north of Canal Street, an address located in the beginning of the party-central area of Bourbon Street.


The Alibi Bar is described as a serene bar with an unassuming nature and a sexy ambiance. It is found in a basic, plain, slightly funky two story brick building with the Spanish style porch and iron works on the second floor. It looks authentic, and hasn't been yuppie-fied. It has an attic as well. Its custom of serving late-night, early morning food, and having 150 brands of beer, to offer its patrons, makes it the most popular hangout for dancers, bartenders, doormen and waiters on their off hours, where they go to relax after a busy shift of waiting on customers at their place of employment.

The Alibi Bar and Grill has the dubious honor of being called one of the best bars of New Orleans, by magazines: Playboy and Stuff. The food is excellent and reasonable, especially their burgers and po-boys. Alibi is a great place they say to meet new people, or to sober up a bit, or have a great time drinking!


This building has long been a commercial property, probably used as a business since it was built long ago on this very busy commercial area. The building itself has been here since before the Civil War. Not much is known about its history. I wish the walls could talk!



Pre-Civil War - The attic has been associated with either the hiding of slaves, or being a place to chain them up. Possibly, both could be true, just in a different time frame. There is eye-witness evidence for either scenario.

The attic is said to be a station of the underground railroad, where run-away slaves were hidden in the attic. Places where slaves have hidden to escape capture have often been found to be haunted, or have residual energy from such an emotional time. ( McClellan-Pomeroy House * Hannah House * Woodburn Mansion )

The second theory is that at some time before the Civil War, one of the owners of a business that existed in this building used the attic to contain his/her slave children with chains, when they weren't working for him or her.

Places where slaves were chained and suffered hard conditions and abuse, often are haunted as well.
( Hickory Hill Mansion * Madam LaLaurie's Mansion )

A dedicated employee of the bar, called Davie, met a sudden, unexpected end.

An unfortunate man was stabbed to death behind the bar area. Entities who have been murdered are often resentful toward the living. ( County Line BBQ * Saint James Hotel )


Attic (Closed to the public)

Employees dread having to go to the attic, because of its heavy, tense, unpleasant atmosphere.

Employees hear sighs and crying of frightened people here.

Eye witnesses have seen the apparitions of chained slave children.

Behind the Bar

An angry presence behind the bar will blow off some steam by throwing silverware, glasses and bottles at the living, as well as on the floor. Luckily, their aim isn't good.

Service entryway, and the Bar itself

Entity of Davie - still reports to work and tries to wait on people.  He appears as a misty entity.


It seems to be.

I couldn't find any paranormal investigation done here, but the eye witness accounts have been steady throughout the years.


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