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Colonial House Inn –

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The Colonial House Inn can be found on the North Shore of Cape Cod, in Yarmouthport. Located on Main Street, which historically was call the King's Highway.


277 Main Street
Route 6A, Cape Cod
Yarmouthport, Massachusetts 02675

800-999-3416 * 508-362-4348 * Web Site

Open year round * 21 rooms * Weddings and Receptions * Social Events Up to 150 guests.

Lunch and Dinner served, featuring "Traditional New England cuisine."



The original house was first built in 1716, by Captain John Minot, a soldier and physician. In 1730 another part of the present building was built next to the Minot house by the Josiah Ryder family, a two story Federal style home with a hip roof, an attic and a basement. The Ryder family lived there for only a short time. Captain Joseph Eldrige bought the home. During the Revolutionary War, this house was used as a hospital and room 24 was Dr. Minot's operating room.

For the next 100 years, it was known as the Eldrige House, being passed down to descendants, such as Dr. Azariah Eldridge who enjoyed living in this Cape Cod location. But more room was needed. Another house which was floated over from Nantucket, was added on a foundation at the rear of the original Eldrige building as more living space was desired. It wasn't until 1860 that this house was added directly onto the main structure and added a third floor while they were at it. The Minot house was also made part of the Eldrige building along with two other nineteenth-century buildings, in the latter part of the 1800s. A mansard roof and the portico sitting on the top modernized the house to fit in with the Victorian style homes being built at this time.

Other people who owned the Eldrige House include U. S. Congressman Thomas Thatcher, Charles F. Swift and Ella Bray (local historians) and the Simpkins family.

Sometime along the way this once private residence became an Inn. In 1979, The Colonial House Inn was due for a renovation. New owner Malcolm Perna did extensive work to create three intimate dining rooms, large guest rooms with private bathrooms. The carriage house was turned into suites and a conference area.


This Inn has seen a lot of history, a lot of human drama being around for so long a time in one form or another.

a) Being built close to the King's Highway, Indians and other people over the years came to town right by the property, perhaps were treated, operated on by the good Dr. Minot.

b) During the Revolutionary War, the building was turned into a hospital. Some of the wounded must have died here, and could've stuck around.

c) After serving as a home for many people, the building became an Inn, a place of relaxation and rest: A place with fond memories has been known to attract entities who loved it during their life time, and chose to stay here.


1) Room 224 -The entities of Dr. John Minot, Ralph Waldo Emerson and of an Indian girl have made their presences known to the living

a) The good doctor apparently is still on duty. Dr. John Minot gave a young bride on her honeymoon a start one late night in room 224. He appeared as a misty gray figure, standing about 4 feet from her side of the bed. After studying her for a bit, the figure floated to the foot of the bed, and slowly faded away. Her husband slept through the whole thing!

b) The presence of a young Indian girl, perhaps a victim of a disease or died giving birth haunts this room as well.

c) Since 1966, Dr. Minot seems to have company, besides the Indian girl. It has been reported that the entity of Ralph Waldo Emerson has been haunting this room as well. Perhaps Mr. Emerson stayed in this room either on holiday or is a place where he used to write.

Psychic Research: Investigation Web Site

b) The voice of a young Indian girl singing a native song in her own language was recorded by one investigator.

c) Feelings of sadness and pain were felt by investigators in this room, which makes sense as this was an operating room at one time.

d) Both investigators staying in this room were touched by cold hands.



2) Downstairs Area

a) Someone likes to supervise the dining area. When a waiter attempted to swipe a customer's credit card through the machine, an unseen presence from behind grabbed the card out of the waiter's hand, taking it away. The card was eventually found in the cabinet below the payment counter. Perhaps the customer reminded the entity of a scalawag from the past with bad credit!!

3) Front Office Hauntings....

a) Front Office is the favorite place of an entity which looks like a monk.

b) Books on the shelves in this front office have fallen off all by themselves. This entity must like to read?


Yes indeed!


Check It Out In Detail: Investigation Web Site

After being informed of all the results done by the Investigation group, whose web-site is listed above, the owners of the The Colonial Inn realize that they may have a few more nonpaying entities, than the trio which haunts room 224. The entities are basically well-behaved and are accepted as part of the deal of owning a very old place!

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