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The Morgan House –


Haunted Place - The Morgan House


The Morgan House is located in a rugged, rural area against the side of a mountain, outside of the city of Wilbraham, Massachusetts. It sits about 10 feet from the twisting, turning, and intimidating country road that runs by it.


The Morgan House was built in 1831 on its five acres of land by Denis Ely. It is described as being "a traditional New England farmhouse." Over the years, additions have been made to the original house, making it an ideal place for a large family, with room to spare. It has an attic, 2 floors and a basement cellar. The house's foundation is 3 feet thick, and sits on hard rock. The house's five acres has many flowers and very old, beautiful trees. Inside, the house still has its original white pine floors. It has a main staircase, and a back stairway as well.

This whole estate traditionally was a working farm for many years. The Morgan family farmed the land and lived in the house for several generations. In recent years, this property has been owned by people who just like the country setting and the large and roomy accommodations.


It seems that various members of the Morgan family are still hanging around this house, going about their business, and watching/teasing the living as well. Mr. and Mrs. R and their five children moved into this house in 1965 knowing that the place was haunted. They had fallen in love with the house, and bought it anyway.

1) Alfie is the ghost of a 9 year old boy, a member of the Morgan clan that fell down the back stairway and broke his neck. He was born on June 15, 1888, and died in 1898.

* His apparition has been seen waving goodbye to party guests from the upstairs window.

* One of the R's young sons awoke to find a shimmering apparition of a young boy looking at the trains and toys in the son's room. Only the top half of the apparition was seen.

* Around 3 AM, Mr. R was awakened, as he slept in the bedroom near the front staircase. He heard the sound of Alfie playing with his marbles, as he rolled them down the main staircase.

* Every year on June 15th during the time that the R children were growing up in this house, ghostly activity skyrocketed. The toys in the children's toy boxes would turn on by themselves, especially the cars that made the noise, "vroom." The children witnessed balls of light glide across the ceilings of their various rooms. In the hours after the children went to bed, the running footsteps of a child could be distinctly heard throughout the house.

2) Alfie has a ghostly dog companion, "Dodo", who followed him everywhere when he was alive, and still does so. During a seance, people participating felt an unseen dog under the table affectionately rubbing against their legs, when no living dogs were there in the house at all.

3) The ghost of Mary Morgan, who is possibly Alfie's great grandmother, also is still in the house, going about her business, as she always had done while alive. She has been described as an elderly woman who was a bit eccentric, and wore a large farmer's hat on her head and died in the house, on the same the day/year that Alfie was born!

* Mary was known to weave her rugs in the downstairs living room. During certain times of the day, the R's family dog refused to enter the living room. She would stand in the doorway to the living room, utter a low growl, and all her hair down her back would bristle.

* The R family would sometimes run a tape recorder in various parts of the house to see if they could pick up any noises. The kitchen was a popular area to do so. One night the dishes were left in the sink, because Mrs. R was too tired to do so. After they had all gone to bed, Mr. R heard the sound of someone washing the dishes. The next morning, the dirty dishes were still there. After listening to the recording, he did here the clink, clink of dishes being put away in the cupboard.

4) The ghost of William B. Morgan is still in the house as well. He was one of the original owners who farmed the land for a number of years.

* William B. Morgan is the only ghost in this house that Mr. & Mrs. R have ever seen. This farmer makes his appearance every fall, during harvest time. Wearing an old black hat, and farmers boots, his apparition has been seen tramping through the dining room into the kitchen.

* This same apparition was identified by a psychic visiting the house, who received various impressions as she walked through the house.

* A tape recorder was set up near the R Family's talking parrots, to see if they would say anything, when no one was there. One parrot repeated the phone number of the cemetery where William P. Morgan was laid to rest.

5) 12 year old girl who had died of rheumatic fever in one of the upstairs bedrooms also makes her presence known in various ways.

Other evidence pointing to ghosts staying in this house:

* Distinct foot steps are always present. Some have been heard going back and forth the upstairs hallway to the bathroom. When the house was empty of the living except one person, that person would hear footsteps downstairs, when they were upstairs. If that person was downstairs, they would hear footsteps upstairs.

* The living has heard the sounds of the front door unlock, open, close and footsteps come into the house and walk through it. Upon inspection, the door was always locked and shut, like nothing at all had taken place.

* When upstairs, one evening, Mr. R was taking a bath upstairs, He heard the sound of furniture being moved around downstairs. Once he got to the top of the main staircase, the noises suddenly stopped. Wondering what his wife was up to, he found that the furniture hadn't been moved at all, and his wife was fast asleep in their bedroom.

* Upstairs, there is a cold spot that can be felt in various places, especially near the bathroom and the middle of the main staircase.

* While working in the basement cellar in his workshop, Mr. R has felt more than one presence watching him work on his various household projects. As they were practical, do it your self people in real life, they must find it entertaining and informative to watch the living do their projects. Sometimes he will see flashes of light out of the corner of his eye.

* No pet of the R family could be dragged into the basement cellar.

* In January every year, the strong smell of lilacs permeates the house, despite the fact that there are no blooming bushes in the middle of winter. Warning of upcoming death:

* Right before any elderly relative dies, Mr. & Mrs. R are awakened at night by three loud raps on the head board of their bed.

* When the family was seated in the living room, they all suddenly smelled the scent of a hospital. They later found out that the boy down the street had died in the hospital the moment they experienced the odor.

Teasing of the living by the ghosts.

1) The area around the bathroom seems to be a favorite place.

* People using the bathroom, often hear knocks on the door, when no one living is in the hallway outside the door.

* A sense of uneasiness sometimes settles on the living while in the bathroom. A crashing sound, like a piano being dropped or the roof beams breaking can be heard in the part of the attic that is directly above the bathroom.

2) For a period of time, at 11 pm every night, a loud boom, like someone was kicking the front door would resound throughout the house.

3) The ghosts liked to tease the R's teenage daughter and her friends, especially when they slept over, because they reacted so beautifully to the ghostly pranks and antics.

* One friend was asleep in the room where the 12 year old girl mentioned above had died. She awoke to hear knocks on the floor all around her bed. Then the bed began to shake all by itself.

* Late one summer night during a slumber party, the girls ran outside. The daughter thought her father was watching them, as she saw something like a flashlight watching them from the window. As they all turned and stared at it, it slowly started to move throughout the house, until it vanished. Running back into the house, both her parents were already sound asleep. Perhaps a parent from a different era was keeping an eye on them. Or, perhaps the 12 year old ghost was wistfully watching their fun outside.

* During one time period, their daughter sang in a band. She would often practice in her room, tape recording her voice, to be sure she was on key. When she played the tape back, she would often hear some musical ghost singing along with her.

4) When an older son came home for a visit, he had to go to sleep with the TV on, to block out the noises in his room, including knocks on his door.


Though not as active as when the children were growing up, the ghosts are still there, and the occurrences come and go on their own schedule.