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Stanford Hall


You can find this privately owned mansion built on the top of the hill, which overlooks the city of Clear Spring, which is about 10 miles from Hagerstown, Maryland. Please respect their privacy, and don't disturb them.


This grandiose, 36 room brick and stone mansion was built in 1734 by the Mason family, people of great importance. In addition to the 36 rooms, there is a hidden chamber located somewhere in this large mansion that is cursed/possessed, and causes death to those who find it.

Maryland Governor William Hamilton and family lived in this rather grand mansion for almost 50 years. In 1920, the mansion was sold to the Leo Cahill family, who own it to this day.


Stanford Hall is home to two ghosts and has a cursed, hidden room.

1) An unknown lady, dressed in silk, surrounded in a foggy mist, sedately likes to hang out in one of the first floor rooms, and will float down the back steps to the terrace, and parade around the perimeter of the terrace and return to her favorite room, her silk dress rustling all the while.

2) When everyone living has gone to bed for the evening, the ghost of a man who made illegal moonshine, rolls a barrel of his finest stuff slowly down the front stairway leading to the front door.

3) Something evil lurks in a hidden chamber in the mansion, and has been blamed for the deaths of two people, who made the effort to find it.

A) In 1924, a magistrate from Hagerstown, Scott Bower, who was a friend of the family had heard the rumors about this hidden chamber. With the Cohill's permission he went on a hunt for it, when all of them were out of the mansion, and actually found the chamber. He wouldn't discuss this discovery with the Cohills, but did warn them not to try to find this room again. It was obvious that he came face to face with something supernatural. He died within the year.