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Nonantum Resort

Haunted Place – Nonantum Resort


95 Ocean Avenue
Kennebunkport, Maine 04046

(207) 967-4050 * nonantumresort.com

Closed between December and April. Open May - November.


The Nonantum Resort is located on Ocean Avenue between Seagrass Lane and East Avenue, with a glorious, close view of The Kennebunk River and the resort's private marina.


Wow! Tom and I visited The Nonantum Resort and were quite impressed with the choices offered for dining, for accommodations, and the glorious location! Definitely for those looking for an upscale place to relax in and enjoy fully! The historical structure and ambiance of the original Nonantum Inn has been preserved, with more modern additions available as well. The sitting areas and ballroom are beautiful. Of course, they have a professional chef or two in their Signature dining room, and live music is performed there as well.

For more informal dining, there is Heckman's Pub, that has draft beer and other delicious entrees.

Besides the main 3 story structure, with a rear wing; built onto the back of the original structure in 1930, there are also a more traditional New England bed and breakfast accommodations, found in The Carriage House Inn, originally the home of Sea Captain Henry Heckman. The most modern building is The Portside Lodge, that is located closer to the Kennebunk River.

There is a glorious pool area, that has its own little restaurant, Latitudes Bar & Grill, open during the summer months.

The Nonantum Inn also has its own private marina, where there are many activities for the guests to enjoy; from kayak rentals to lobster fishing!


"Nonantum" - This inn got its name from the Native American Algonquian word meaning blessing or pray.

In 1883, on the spot where native Americans had a trading center with the people of Portsmouth, the ground was broken to start construction. This 28 room inn, called The Nonantum Inn was completed in 1884, opening its doors  on July 4th, to receive travelers. It had a staff of ten people. Four years later, the owners had the foresight to buy additional waterfront land, to insure to have room to grow and expand throughout the years.

From 1891-2010, various owners have worked hard to not only keep the structures up to snuff, but also renovate and update, adding new perks to the Nonantum Inn, winding up with a place, that earns the title of The Nonantum Resort.

It started in 1891, when a small addition was built onto the main structure, and the dining room  was altered to better serve its guests. In 1902, they were inspired to add the front Piazza. The 1930 rear wing addition greatly increased the number of rooms for guests. In 1963, an outdoor pool was built and filled with salt water. Needing more rooms, the front Wicker Wing was added to the Carriage House Inn, in 1973.  In 1987, The Portside Lodge was built to greatly increase rooms for guests at this booming resort.

More recent improvements include a new pool in 1998, the complete updating and renovation of the kitchen in 2000, renovation of the Dominion Ballroom and bathrooms in the Carriage House Inn, in 2002, the marina was rebuilt and WiFi was added in 2008, and Portside Lodge rooms have been completely renovated in 2010.



Many inns and hotels have been enjoyed by many guests, who love to come and rest, enjoying the amenities/town life. When they pass over, they sometimes decide to spend their afterlife in their favorite get-away spot.

( Roosevelt Hotel * Hotel Del MonteJekyll Island Club Hotel * Blackhawk Hotel * The Menger Hotel )

Sometimes employees so enjoy their duties, that they continue on in their service, not letting death or time get in the way.

( Brumder Mansion * Saint Francis Inn  * Boca Raton Resort Club  * Collinwood Art Center )

People who have a feeling of ownership of a property, sometimes like to stick around after they pass on to help the current owners by supervising the staff or employees.

( Bullock Hotel * Kelton House Museum * Speed Museum * Howard - Copper Queen Hotel )



The most active time for the past entity guests and employees is right before The Nonantum Resort closes to guests for the winter, though a small staff stays throughout the winter. All the spirits who reside here are very friendly, and cordial sorts, and remember their New England manners.

Female Entity - A female spirit, thought to be a past guest, called Sadie by the staff.

It is felt by some staff members that she had expected quality service when she had stayed there as a guest, enjoying the amenities and the caring attention of the The Nonantum Resort personnel.

Not much has been revealed about her activity, but apparently, her spirit has been making itself known;

Perhaps verbally, or felt as an unseen presence, or has been noticed floating up and down the long halls of The Nonantum Resort.

Perhaps she expects a high level of service, and has appointed herself chair of the quality control committee, or perhaps she is looking for the clean towels she had ordered, as one staff member, with a sense of humor had reported in an on-line interview.

Other unknown spirit entities  - Sadie, apparently has the company of other past guests, or past staff members:

At the ends of the halls on the floors of The Nonantum Resort that have guest rooms, there are wicker chairs and sofas for guests to sit in to read, etc. When staff members vacuum the hallways, the staff members have looked down at the end of the halls and the furniture has been turned, facing them, as if entities, either spirits of past guests or past employees  are sitting there, watching their vacuuming efforts as a form of entertainment, or supervision.

Other Paranormal Activity:

Lights go on and off by themselves.

Doors open and close at will.

Plates have spun by themselves on tables.



Not much has been reported on-line, but apparently the staff have had encounters with Sadie, the guest with high standards, and former employees/supervisors who are now retired and in spirit form.

Though Mark Jasper has included The Nonantum Resort in his book, "Haunted Inns of New England", published in 2000, and other representatives of The Nonantum Resort have given interviews for articles in various on-line magazines,  it wasn't until 2007 that The Nonantum Resort  came out of the paranormal closet, and admitted it publicly, that spirits resided within The Nonantum Resort. For Halloween of 2007, at The Nonantum Resort's "Haunted Kennebunkport ... Nonantum Ghosts Revealed" weekend event, some of their paranormal personal experiences that the staff members have reported were shared with the participants.

Coffin Aiello Paranormal Society (C.A.P.S.): At The Nonantum Resort, an audio recorder caught the sounds of telephones ringing in guest rooms, despite the system being shut down for the winter.

Perhaps the owners of The Nonantum Resort have had private paranormal investigation groups do examinations of their buildings, but they haven't given permission to share any of the results.  Or, perhaps they don't let groups in, because they don't want to upset these spectral guests or past employees, offering the same consideration to these spirits that they offer to their living guests and employees. "If you respect them, they'll respect you."


Probably so. The sounds of telephones recorded are probably residual hauntings, but the personal experiences reported by the staff strongly suggest that indeed the entities of some guests and perhaps some employees continue to stay here, not letting the fact that they are dead stop them from enjoying The Nonantum Resort.


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