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Port Clyde Haunted House


Port Clyde is not a fictional town in a soap opera. Port Clyde is a small fishing village on the Maine coast, like something out of one of long time Maine resident, Stephen King's novels. This is a private residence and tours are not given. Discreet photography and videography may be possible but is not encouraged. Please respect the privacy of the occupants, both corporal and spiritual.


This white, 1870 Port Clyde house is described as a summer cottage with a cellar and 2 stories. The first floor has a rather large kitchen and a nice day room. The bedrooms are upstairs, and the windows look out over the sea. It has the feeling of being lived in by many different people from several eras. This 1870 house was built over the cellar of the original 18th century house, when the original house burned down because of being struck by lightening in 1870. The original house was in the block style of architecture, common in the 18th century.


A sailor, Samuel Hatton, lived at the Port Clyde house pre-1800s, and the John and Margaret Barter bought the house from Samuel in the early 1800s. John Barter was second in command on a whaling boat called the St. Catherine, a double-masted schooner. The couple raised two sons. One died at 17 from disease and one went to sea.


In 1972, Carol Olivieri had her ghostly encounters. Her parents owned the Port Clyde summer cottage. One night she saw a female figure of a young woman, in a very white nightgown, standing beside her bed. The small-shouldered figure had long, flowing hair. This female apparition wore a diamond wedding ring on her long slender fingers. Carol could see through her. "Her whole body suggested she was in desperate need of something," Carol related. Carol ducked under the covers.

Carol had a second encounter with this female entity in a dream. In this dream the same young woman appeared to her, floating in the air. Beside her was a young boy apparition, dressed in a white gown. The young boy crawled onto Carol's bed, and sat with her, while the female apparition hovered in the corner. Carol had the feeling in the dream that the boy's mother had turned the boy over to her for protection. After the female figure vanished, another not so nice black-hooded, very old female entity, with bright green eyes, a crooked large nose, and dark complexion, appeared, and floated menacingly toward Carol and the little boy apparition, who was very frightened, and frantically clutched Carol. Carol sensed that this hooded figure was connected to a school of some sort. When this evil presence was right beside Carol and the boy, Carol decided to fight her off by concentrating on the white light in the room, which was a sign of psychic protection. The black-hooded figure melted away, and the happy, relieved female figure returned and took the boy back.

Carol's brother, Bob, also had an encounter with a little presence years before when he stayed in his parent's cottage. While sleeping in one of the bedrooms off the main hall, he was awakened to the sound of little kid feet in pajamas going up and down the hallway. He got up to look to see if it was his nephew. When he reached a certain spot on the floor of his bedroom, the footsteps suddenly stopped, and he found his nephew sound asleep. After getting back in bed, the foot steps started up again. When he walked to the same spot on the floor, the foot steps stopped. This went on for an hour. Tired of getting out to investigate, Bob just laid there in bed when the foot steps started up yet again and continued to the end of the hall and stopped. Then, Bob felt a little kid presence climb up the end of his bed, felt the pressure of a little unseen presence crawl up his body, and felt a little cold hand pull his hair!

Psychic Investigation: May 13 -15th, 1976

Parapsychologist Hans Holzer, his film crew, and a psychic, Ingrid Beckman examined the cottage, finding the upstairs and the upstairs center front bedroom the most spiritually active. She sensed the presence of a young boy in one of the upstairs rooms from the 1920s era, and actually made contact with a young, remorseful female ghost, Margaret Barter, who was waiting for her husband, to return from the sea. She had lived in the former 18th century block house that had stood where this present two-storied, 1870 cottage now stood. She hadn't realized that she had passed on, and was very unhappy about the amount of work on this farm, and her lack of help. She wanted the current occupants to do the chores that she sees that needed to be done. She longed to move to Kennebunk, and live in a town home. She desperately was waiting for her husband to come back from the sea. According to town records, her husband died at sea in 1820, and she died in 1882, an old woman.

Nothing was sensed about the third hooded apparition.

Still haunted?


The young woman presence, Margaret Barter, is gone. Hans Holser through the psychic, Ingrid, was able to help her leave this unhappy place, and reunite with her husband on the other side. They assured her that the present occupants would do the chores needed to be done, and she no longer was responsible for the upkeep of the house that she never wanted to live in, in a place she didn't like.

However, the little boy from the 1920s may still be at this cottage, as he wasn't helped to the other side. He has been quiet in recent years, but his presence was still seen by the psychic, Ingrid in 1976.

The hooded apparition is probably still lurking around the property.