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Cole Adams House


Can be found on Market Street, Detroit, Michigan. The house is privately owned today, so respect the owner's privacy.


It is described as being a modern home, with a gray wood frame. During the early 1960s, it was considered at first the perfect house for the Cole-Adams family, because it had a "cozy" little bed room off the kitchen, that would be a quiet place for the father, Bill, to sleep during the day, as he worked the 12 am - 8 am shift at the Cadillac assembly plant. The bedroom was barely big enough to have a bed & a closet in it. It offered Bill the perfect spot away from his noisy children, he thought. The house also had an attic, utility room, with a trap door that led to the cellar as well, being a typical eastern home, common in Detroit, Michigan.


Something described as a ghoul, was found to haunt only the bedroom at first. Described as a "bludgeoned woman wearing a blue dress, fur jacket, " and sporting a face of a decomposing corpse.

1) His first day sleeping in the room proved to be terrifying. Soon after he fell asleep, he experienced the most realistic dream he had ever dreamt. He had opened the closet door to see a mutilated, blood-soaked corpse of a woman who had died horribly. He awoke, gagging, and found himself sweating profusely. Night after night, the dreams got worse, and he woke himself up with his own screams. He decided to move into the master bedroom to sleep, and he soon got used to the noisy kids. He figured that it was the stress of his new job, etc.

2) In 1962, his mother came to visit the family, and she was assigned to sleep in the back room. She heard strange sounds that kept her awake, like someone pounding on the door to get in the room, and pounding which came from inside the closet, like something was trying to get out.

3) The children and their pet terrier wouldn't set foot in the bedroom. So Bill temporarily locked the door and hid the key.

4) When the family's long time friend, Dick, came to visit, they didn't tell him anything about the room, feeling that if sensible, salt of the earth, Dick could sleep in the room for a night, then the bad dreams and noises were caused by something else. At this time, they were denying reality, not wanting to believe that the room was haunted. A little bit after 12 am, Dick woke up when he felt someone physically turn him over in his bed. Dick saw the back of a woman with long hair, standing in the doorway of the bedroom, staring into the kitchen. She was dressed in a blue dress and fur coat. He at first thought it was Lillian, Bill's wife. As Dick went toward this form, the lights went out in the whole house, and when they flicked back on, Dick was in the kitchen, where Lillian was washing her hair in the sink. Then a horrid, putrid odor filled the kitchen, making them both gag and become physically ill. Then they heard an awful wailing, similar to what a "half-mad person or wounded animal would make." Mesmerized in the horror of the moment, Dick and Lillian were treated to seeing the trap door on the floor of the utility room slowly open by itself, then slamming shut with a bam!! Police searched the entire house from attic to the cellar, and nothing was found to be unusual.

5) Dick and Lillian were convinced that an angry ghost inhabited that room, and didn't like company. Bill was not convinced, though, and decided to spend one more night in this bedroom, "to get to the bottom of this!" After turning off the lights, and jumping into bed, Bill heard a rustling sound near the bedroom door that led to the kitchen. Thinking it was his wife, he loudly told her to leave, thinking she would scare away the ghost. As he spoke, suddenly the most hideous face he had ever seen was starring at him only inches from his own face. The gaping eyes stared vacantly, and the mouth tried to make words, but only hissing could be heard. From the apparition's twisted body, the same horrible odor "oozed," filling the small bedroom. The then hysterical Bill bolted out the door to the kitchen, where Dick and Lillian had to throw a blanket over him, and pull him to the floor to calm him down, while the horrible odor continued to fill the house, coming this time from the cellar, as the trap door again had opened by itself, and was "belching forth the rotting stink of decomposing flesh."

After that last incident Bill and his family moved from the house quickly, having had enough of this unfriendly, hostile, even evil entity.

Who was this scary entity? Perhaps she was murdered either in the house, near the house , or in a building that stood once where the new house was built on the property. Perhaps, she is buried in an unmarked grave near or under the house.

Still Haunted?

After all this time, it is hard to say if it is or not. It is a private residence now, and the current residents won't share any experiences they may have had. Hopefully, this presence is no longer active, or has gone over to the other side.