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Renovated House

Originally bought as a fixer-upper by a young couple, Mr. & Mrs. B, who were eager to make it into their dream home, the house is described as having a basement, two floors and an attic, along with having a few angry ghosts with nasty attitudes, determined to drive this young couple out of their newly renovated dream home.


The house felt strange from the start, and had a characteristic coldness to it. Most of the manifestations happened at night, when Mr. B went to work for the railroad.

1) Mr. B came home early one morning to find the large upstairs closet doors wide open, the light on, and the door to the attic, which was located in this closet, was open as well. The contents of the closet and storage boxes in the attic had been thrown all over the place. This was the scene for 5 mornings in a row, despite the lock Mr. B put on the closet. An expensive, diamond inlaid watch, which didn't belong to them, was found on top of a big pile of messed up clothes in the attic.

2) A very pale woman, with watery eyes, dressed in a long silk dress, a brimmed straw hat, and white gloves came to Mrs. B's door, asking to come in to see the house as she had once lived there. After going as far as the living room, she faintly asked Mrs. B if she was happy in the house. After Mrs. B told her yes, the lady smiled faintly, and left the house, floating down the walkway, which gave Mrs. B a big chill, realizing that this lady was an apparition.

3) After enjoying a time period of peace, Mrs. B was awakened at midnight by a scratching at the bedroom window, like someone dragging their fingernails over a chalkboard. Feeling an evil and creepy presence on the other side of the window she screamed like she had awakened from a bad dream. After cutting down the bush outside this window, in case it was the cause, the creepy scratching was heard again by both Mr. & Mrs. B.

4) In the middle of the night, Mr. and Mrs. B both heard the heavy footsteps pacing in a loud manner on the second floor above them. A presence was now haunting the second floor of their house. Mr. B put knives into the door, which lead to the second floor, in such a way as to prevent this door from opening, and to keep this presence on the second floor, he reasoned. In the middle of the night, Mrs. B heard the familiar footsteps walk overhead, and continue down the stairs, stopping on the other side of the door with the makeshift knife lock. After a silence, the knives plunked on the floor, and she heard this presence walk across the dining room and slam the back door.

5) Mr. B heard sawing and rasping noises down in the basement. He went down in the basement, but found none, but nearly fell from a broken basement step that had been sawed from the underside. He boarded up the basement windows, locked the kitchen door which led to the basement, and put a solid oak table leaf wedged under the door knob. He also bought his wife a German shepherd for protection and company. For a week the house was peaceful.

6) Marge and the dog both heard faint noises coming from the basement. The next night, terrible, anguished cries radiated from the basement. Mrs. B and the dog were in a panic, especially when the heavy footsteps slowly made their way up the basement stairs. Suddenly a ear-splitting noise like a shot gun blast shook the house. A hysterical Mrs. B ran all the way to her husband's work. Mr. B came back to the kitchen and found the oak table leaf broken in two on the floor and that the door was still locked. The presence won, as the young couple moved away from their dream home.

Still haunted?


Unless the house was cleansed by an exorcism, or torn down, this house is still haunted.