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St. Paul Haunted Houses –

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Other City Hauntings in Minnesota

haunted-houses-paul-ghosts Forepaughs Restaurant
Forepaugh's Victorian manor, currently being used as a French restaurant, can be found... MORE
saint-paul-houses-hauntings Gibbs Farmhouse

Jane and Heman Gibbs had a large family of five children, when tragedy struck in 1867... MORE
ghosts-saint-paul-hauntings Fitzgerald Theater

This grand old elegant lady, The Fitzgerald Theater, is the 1910 restored treasure known as a "two balcony dramatic house" with an auditorium that features "near perfect acoustics and sight-lines." There are very few of this kind of theater left standing... MORE
saint-paul-haunted-houses-ghosts-real Griggs Mansion

The Griggs Mansion has the dubious distinction of being the most haunted house in Saint Paul... MORE
haunted-saint-paul-ghosts Landmark Center

The Landmark Center reminds the visitor very much of a European castle... MORE
saint-paul-ghosts Wabasha Street Caves

Sometime during the 1920s, St. Paul became a safe haven, a sanctuary city, for gangsters... MORE
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