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Music Hall


The Kansas City Music Hall is one of 4 "venues," two of which are the Arena and Little Theatre, found in the Kansas City Municipal Auditorium. The Kansas City Music Hall has its own entrance on the south side of 13th Street, complete with lighted marquee, and box office. Patrons can also find their way to the entrance to the Music Hall through the Municipal Auditorium’s Grand Foyer, or from the Auditorium Plaza Garage, by way of what is described as "a beautiful underground walkway."


301 West 13th Street (Cross Street is Central)
Kansas City, Missouri


Described as being one of Kansas City's "shining jewels," the Kansas City Music Hall is a first class theatre with an auditorium and balconies which provide seating for 2,400 patrons. The theatre has an impressive "orchestra pit, chorus dressing rooms, star dressing rooms, green room, and high-quality lighting and sound systems."

The '30s era ambiance" decor inside is beautiful and impressive to behold. The walls and floors are made of Italian marble, which go along beautifully with the "magnificent floor-to-ceiling murals and elaborate art deco chandeliers."

The Music Hall has a glorious, antique, 1927 pipe organ, originally used to provide background music for silent movies. The organ has an ivory and gold console, with more than 2,000 pipes, and has the ability to create a variety of special effects. This organ was built by the Robert-Morton Organ Company of Van Nuys, CA, during the time when theatres were built like palaces.

Though it was first installed in 1935, during the high point of the "Great Depression," it wasn't operational until the KCTPO agreed with the Kansas City government to allow a mutual use of the hall for "the Robert-Morton's rebirth."

Throughout the years, The Kansas City Music Hall has always been kept up to look its best, to remain relevant as a performing stage location and never suffered a "long in the tooth" moment. Currently this grand theatre's stage and "fly" grid are being renovated in a massive overhaul effort, so the organ will be silent until May, 2007 or possibly later.


The Kansas Music City Hall was created to be a glorious place to go to where one could escape the pain and troubles of this world and enjoy the performing arts in a first rate theatre with all the bells and whistles of the time. As there are no recorded deaths, suicides or murders committed in this building, one can assume from deduction or studying other theatre hauntings, the entities who come to enjoy the musical/dramatic/dance performances here loved coming to this theatre while alive and wish to continue to come and enjoy this piece of heaven found in this world.

Even if some of these entities may have lost their life in the area or neighborhood of this building, they still come to enjoy the performances perhaps to forget their issues for awhile which are keeping them from going to the other side.


There have been reports of many entities appearing in front of the patrons of this theatre.

These well-dressed entities discretely appear during performances probably wearing a variety of clothes styles from the 20th century. These performing arts spectral enthusiasts are probably well-mannered, not wanting attention by the living, but have come to enjoy the performances.


Probably yes.

While there is no hard factual evidence, there are a lot of eye witness accounts coming from patrons. These alive and breathing theatre enthusiasts have noticed fellow theatre lovers who at first appeared to be real, live people, who suddenly disappear as it takes a lot of energy to appear in a solid, acceptable form which blends in with the living. Can you imagine sitting near such a entity, thinking they are alive until the intermission when they suddenly melt into the air? Such an experience would inspire people to share it!