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Butte Haunted Houses –

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Other City Hauntings in Montana

real-haunted-butte Butte Courthouse
Throughout the years, an apparition has been seen wandering by the back door of the courthouse... MORE
ghost-club Club 13
built around 1884, and opened as the Milwaukee Beer Hall, an upper class place for drinks in the downtown area ... MORE
butte-haunted-houses-ghosts Copper King Mansion

Though the very personable owner of the Copper King Mansion Bed and Breakfast insists there are no entities in this absolutely glorious mansion, others have reported...
haunted-butte-brothel Dumas Brothel

built to be a three level brothel; a structure that was well designed to get ... MORE
butte-haunted-houses Hennessy Mansion

Over the years Hennessy Mansion was used as a private residence, a dorm for nurses and as a ... MORE
paranormal-activity Rookwood Speakeasy

This illegal drinking establishment, The Rookwood Speakeasy was well thought out. The experience of going to enjoy your favorite alcoholic drink began... MORE
ghost-mine The World Museum of Mining: Orphan Girl Mine

"one of the few museums in the world located on an actual mine yard - The Orphan Girl." Built around the mine, on forty-four acres... MORE
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