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Helena Haunted Houses –

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Other City Hauntings in Montana

haunted-helena-hauntings-real Kleinschmidt House
Kleinschmidt built his dream mansion to reflect his success and his position in the community... MORE
helena-haunted-houses Grandstreet Theater
When the Tiffany window was once again reinstalled in the building, unusual things began to happen... MORE
helena-haunted-houses-ghosts Thomas C. Power Mansion

Thomas C. Power (1839-1923) began his career by opening a general store at Fort Berton, trading extensively with the Indians. Soon he had a large mercantile business...
real-helena-haunted-houses Carroll College

In addition to the students in attendance, other entities are known to call Carroll College their home...
haunted-helena-hauntings Brantley Mansion

Occurrences began at Brantley Mansion when the third floor was gutted and turned into the family living space...