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Hennessy Mansion -

Haunted Place: Hennessy Mansion


The Daniel J. Hennessy mansion can be found on the corner of Park Street and Excelsior Street in Butte.


Daniel J Hennessy was a wealthy businessman who owned a department store. He was a Democratic State Senator for the 10th District during 1889-92. He lived in Butte from 1850 - 1899. The big perk of being successful in business is being able to build the home of your dreams, which Mr. Hennessy accomplished, building this glorious, roomy Victorian/late 1890s mansion. It has three floors and a basement gym area, which has a staircase leading up to the first floor. Mr. Hennessy believed in keeping in shape, and wanted the perk of having one in the comfort of his own home. Over the years it was used as a private residence, a dormitory for nurses and a fraternity house.


Over the years, D.J. Hennessy seemed to be hanging around his beloved mansion as house entity; Keeping a fatherly eye on the young men and women who have used his dream mansion as a boarding facility and a fraternity over the years, and perhaps whomever else is now living in his house.

* The actual apparition or unseen presence of Daniel J Hennessy has been "encountered" in the basement gym, basement staircase and in the kitchen, as well as in other parts of the mansion, though not as often.


One can assume so, but don't know for sure.

The mansion looks like it is once again is in private hands as there were no Greek letters on the outside of the mansion and the mansion is looking pretty sharp.


The National Directory of Haunted Places
by Dennis William Hauk 2002

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