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1 Mimosa Street
Raleigh, North Carolina 27604

The Andrew Johnson home can be found in a small historic park near the heart of old Raleigh, called Mordecai Square. In Mordecai Square Park, there is also a small chapel and a small building that was used for an early law office.


1) The Andrew Johnson Home - The Andrew Johnson Home is described as a tiny, two story, gambrel-roof house, situated near the small building now used as an office for the Raleigh Historic Properties. It was the birthplace of our 17th President, Andrew Johnson, in 1808. The house has a small single window by the front door, which is in the middle of the front of the house and a small single window in the middle of the second floor, directly above the front door. The sides of the home have 2 tiny windows, making this home a rather dark one inside. The lack of any other windows makes any light coming from these single windows very visible and direct.

ManifestationS commonly seen:

During a November afternoon, an employee of Raleigh Historic Properties, a Ms. M, was involved in a project in the main office located in the small building near The Andrew Johnson Home. Before she knew it, it was dark, and she was the only one left on the property. All other buildings had been locked up for the evening.

As she left the building, she was overcome with an uneasy feeling, like a presence was there, somewhere near her. She had quite a start when a cat rushed by her, after another animal. Still feeling uneasy, she hurried toward the parking lot. As she arrived right in front of The Anderson Home, she happened to look directly at the front of the house, and saw a lighted candle being held by an invisible hand in the window by the front door on the first floor. Mesmerized, she stood there, and watched the candle until it was about to go out, when it suddenly moved away from the window.

Only a moment later, it reappeared in the little window in the middle of the second floor, directly above the front door. It happened so quickly that there is no way a living person could go up the stairs that fast to light another candle on the second floor. Frightened, she ran to the parking lot, and looked back at the second floor candle light. It suddenly went out, like someone had put it out with a period candle snuffer.

2) Other employees and realtors have seen this same manifestation as well.


Still Haunted?

Definitely yes!

It isn't known who is still waiting for someone to come home.