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Library Memorial Building



The Library Memorial Building is located in North Dakota's capitol, Bismarck.

604 East Boulevard Avenue,
Bismarck, North Dakota 58505


This building was built in the 1920s for the purpose of housing several state offices, including The Supreme Court, The State Library and The Historical Society. This old building was described as having a spooky atmosphere, lighted by light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. It has several floors and a basement.

The section that housed The Historical Society was spread over several floors, as well as part of the basement. Many interesting artifacts collected over the years, and a lovely book collection could be found and enjoyed.



These occurrences were reported by employees who worked for The Historical Society, before this department was moved to the new building, North Dakota Heritage Center, in 1981. The presence experienced in these occurrences was nick-named "The Stack Monster."

    1. July 1972, James Sperry, a former superintendent of The Historical Society, was working late one night, around 9 PM, in his second floor office, with his dog, Shadow, keeping him company. To take a break, he and his dog went down to the first floor to talk to a society archivist, Frank Vyzraiek, who was also working late. Shadow suddenly started to growl, and ran down the hall, straight down the stairs into the darkened basement. Seconds later, one very scared Shadow bolted up the stairs and down the hall, with his tail between his legs.

    2. James Sperry, one night, took the elevator to the basement. He saw a man with a white shirt walk into a storage area, that only had one entrance. He followed the man into the storage area, turned on the light, and no one was there.

    3. Working late on New Year's Eve of 1969, Frank Vyzraiek all of a sudden was overwhelmed with the feeling that he should leave the building quickly, which he did without wasting any time.

    4. In 1967, an archivist by the name of Liess Vantine was working overtime with fellow co-worker, Craig Gannon. All of the other employees had left for the day. While Liess was working in the subbasement, he heard a voice call his name. "Come here, Liess." Vantine wandered through the stacks, expecting to find Craig. Imagine his surprise when he found Craig 2 floors up in the building. It wasn't Craig who was calling him.

    5. Walter Bailey was a historic preservation planner that worked in this old building from 1973 until the 1981 move. When he was alone at night working in the building, he too would be overwhelmed with the feeling that he should leave the building quickly, as if he didn't belong in the building any more. He could be completely involved in some project, when this feeling would suddenly envelope him like a cloud.

    6. When alone at night in the building, Bailey would hear distinctive footsteps, coming mostly from the first floor, where the office of Russell Reid, a longtime, former society superintendent, used to be. No one was ever there. Reid was a bachelor, who had dedicated his life to his work with The Historical Society. Reid even sometimes slept in his office.

    7. Ron Warner, an administrative officer, entered the building one night when no one was there. He suddenly heard a cough. He called out, "Who's there?" After investigating, he found himself totally alone.

Still Haunted?

Doesn't seem to be anymore, but the entity is welcome to come back and haunt the new place.

The Stack Monster has not been seen or heard in either the Liberty Memorial Building or the new Heritage Center. An administrative assistant, Gloria Engel, thinks she saw the Stack Monster leave about a week before the big move in 1981. From her desk, she could see clearly the large, heavy outside doors, located on the South entrance of the building. While she was looking at the door, it very slowly opened by itself, and closed slowly, as if someone left the building.

If the Stack Monster ever wants to come to the New Heritage Center for a visit, a special security badge has been issued for this apparition. All visitors and personnel must have security clearance and a special badge. If the Stack Monster wants to come and stay in the new building, he is more than welcome to do so. Historical ghosts are also valued by the society.