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Virginia City
Haunted Houses –

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Other City Hauntings in Nevada

house-haunted-hauntings-ghost Gold Hill Hotel
Gold Hill Hotel and Saloon has the distinction as being the oldest existing hotel in Nevada, serving people since 1859... MORE
haunted-virginia-city Mackay Mansion
The Mackay Mansion was built in1859 by a young mine superintendent George Hearst, to be both his residence and the location... MORE
ghost-virginia-city-haunted-houses Crooked House

This charming, peaceful, two story, wood slat Victorian was built during the booming days of Virginia City, as a private residence, sometime between 1860 and 1880. Its close proximity to the main street probably meant that it was built as a private residence... MORE
real-haunted-virginia-city Piper Opera House

During its many years as a cultural arts venue, many touring companies of American and English actors have performed here... MORE
virginia-city-haunted-houses Saint Mary's Art
and Retreat center

This handsome building was built and opened its doors in 1879, as a Catholic hospital... MORE
real-haunted-virginia-city Virginia City Cemetery

The Virginia City Cemetery is actually several cemeteries located in this area. Every social group in Virginia City society...
ghost-haunted-virginia-city Washoe Club

The 3 storied Washoe Club was originally built in the 1870s to be a high-class bar/club for the rich, called the Millionaire's Club... MORE
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