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Bank Street House -


The Bank Street House is located in New York City on Bank Street, near West 11th Street.




This house was 125 years old and in excellent condition. After buying the house from a Mrs. M, Dr. S and his wife remodeled this 19 room boarding house into a single family, 3 story home. On the first floor, there was one long living room, from the front of house to the back, with a door at the back of this living room leading to an outside garden. A narrow staircase connected the first floor to the second floor.


1) After moving into their newly remodeled home, Dr. S and his wife started to hear, when the house was quiet, a woman's footsteps going up the staircase, which sometimes continued across the upper floors. Also, they heard a sound like a light hammering. Both the footsteps and the hammering sounds happened mostly during the daylight hours.

2) Arthur B, their English carpenter, and Sadie, the maid, also heard the footsteps and hammering. All the people in this house became used to these manifestations, accepting the fact that there was an unseen resident.


Arthur B., while hammering on the ceiling, was surprised when suddenly a bunch of plaster & dust fell down, along with a heavy container, a little bit bigger than a coffee can, which tumbled down as well, hitting the floor with a thud. The container held the cremated ashes of Elizabeth Bullock, who was killed by a speeding car, in 1931, just a few blocks from the Blank Street House. While Elizabeth had never lived in the Blank St. House, the undertaker had lived on West 11th St, which isn't far away. The mysteries to answer: How did the container of ashes wind up in the old 1880 ceiling of the Blank St. House? Why was Elizabeth Bullock's spirit so restless?


The mysteries of the hidden ashes and the restless spirit were solved as a result of a seance held by Hans Holzer and his medium friend, Ethel Meyers, on 7/17/57. Contact was made with the ghost of Elizabeth Bullock, who explained that she had married outside her Catholic faith, causing a major brouhaha between herself and her family. When Elizabeth was killed, her husband had stolen her ashes, so she wouldn't be buried in the Catholic Cemetery, and had hid the container in a house which was close to the Blank Street House. The ashes were later hidden in the ceiling of the Blank St. House, while the original house that was picked to hide the ashes was being remodeled.

Elizabeth was unhappy and restless because her ashes were never buried anywhere, and that her mother had never forgiven her. Thus, her family strife problems had never been resolved. Another reason Elizabeth's ghost was unhappy was because she was also in a major quandary about where her ashes should be buried. The Catholic Cemetery wouldn't do, nor would being buried with her husband be right either. So, the owners of the Blank St House, Dr. S and his wife, arranged a simple grave in the garden, with a simple, non-denominational cross.

Still Haunted?


Elizabeth Bullock's spirit found peace there in the garden grave site and there were no more footsteps or hammering noises.


Dr. S & his wife, Arthur B., Sadie, Hans Holzer & Ethel Meyers.