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Stenton House –


Haunted Place — Stenton House


3517 Cornell Place
Cincinnati, Ohio 45220


An 1850 Victorian mansion, now known as the Cornell Place Apartments, Stenton House is in an old-money area of Cincinnati. Modeling itself after the city of Rome, Old Cincinnati was built on seven hills.

These are private apartments. Tours are not given. Photography is not encouraged. The privacy of the occupants, corporeal and spiritual, should be respected.


Dutch families were the principal founders of old Cincinnati. This Victorian mansion was built in 1850, as a private dwelling. It turns out that in 1880 a young man committed suicide in the house. When his family left, the house remained vacant for years.

It later became Ealy School, a school for girls, in 1900. Legend has it that a young school girl hung herself upstairs, and another girl, a daughter of a doctor was found, murdered on the stairway.

After World War 2, this Victorian mansion was subdivided into apartments.


At one time the Stenton family occupied one of the apartments in the mansion. Soon after the Stentons moved in, odd incidents began occurring. Phantom footsteps were heard walking in the hall, but no one was there.

Two weeks after they moved in — at precisely 2:10 A.M. — they heard a heavy thump of something hitting the floor above them. The incident repeated itself, always at 2:10 A.M. They discovered that the young man had killed himself in the room above their apartment.

Other tenants have had supernatural experiences, including phantom footsteps following them around, disembodied voices in the halls, and the sounds of phantom objects hitting the floor. One of the tenant's dogs refused to go into rooms where spirit presences were manifesting, baying in alarm!

Still Haunted?

Yes indeed!

Apartment residents hear and experience various manifestations still to this day.