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Proctor House


This home was built in the small village of Proctor, which is in western Adair County, just a few miles west of the Arkansas border.


The house itself was built by a man, sometime before Oklahoma became a state. The original owner and builder of the house died there under "unknown circumstances". It's been long known in this village that the man's apparition lingers in the attic of his beloved house.


An older couple, who knew the ghost stories associated with the house, were living there, when their daughter and her children came to visit. The daughter and one of her little children were staying in the bedroom that was connected to the older couple's bedroom by a bathroom, whose doors were left open at night. After a late night talk with her mother, the daughter went to bed. She heard the bedsprings of her parents' bed squeak, like someone was getting up from the bed. Then, someone's footsteps could be heard traveling across the parent's bedroom bare floor, through the shared bathroom and at last coming into the daughter's bedroom, shuffling on the carpet. The daughter felt this presence standing near the bed. Thinking it was her mother, who had come to tell her something, the daughter asked quietly, "Mother, what do you want?" As no one answered, and the daughter still felt this presence, she asked again in a regular voice, "Mother what is it?" Her mother, who had been in bed sleeping the whole time, answered her, "What is it, Dear?"

The daughter never did hear from the unseen presence, and all assumed it was the ghost of the owner, perhaps curious as to who was sleeping in his guest bedroom.

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